3 Potential Reasons AJ Styles Won the WWE US Title at a Live Event

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1. To Push Attention Away From Recent Events

There are a couple things that WWE would like to divert their fans’ attention from. The first has to do with a massive leak that occurred a couple days ago.

There was an unprotected server that a German hacker took advantage of. The hacker uncovered the personal information of over 3 million users’ personal information and released them all to the public.

This, clearly, has given WWE a bad wrap as members of the WWE Universe will now be weary about using their website or the WWE Network, and this decrease in traffic could make WWE lose a lot of revenue.

So, a distraction needed to take place. Now, all of the WWE is talking about AJ Styles’ shocking win rather than WWE’s mishap in security. Now, there is a positive buzz going around all media about WWE rather than a negative one.

Another event that WWE wants to distract its fans from is an event that happened earlier that Friday. WWE released a statement that Austin Aries was released from the company

Since then, it has been rumored that Aries requested his release from the company due creative frustration. He was upset that he did not defeat Neville for the Cruiserweight Championship and was frustrated that he wasn’t allowed to move out of the Cruiserweight Division.

Since the Cruiserweight Division’s debut on WWE television, it has been struggling to get off the ground. It’s only two true Superstars were Neville and Aries, and with Aries gone, that division is a one man show.

With that division already hurting, WWE does not want fans to tune out even more when they realize that 1. it was so bad that one of its top stars decided he needed to leave, and 2. the division lost one of the only reasons to watch 205 Live.

So, WWE decided to ignore its problems entirely and distract its fanbase from their lingering negative events. That distraction came in the form of Styles winning the US Championship on the same night as Aries’ release and in the same weak as their big leak.

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Do you think this is the main reason why Styles won the title at a Live event? Do you think it was a combination of these reasons or an entirely different reason?