WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017 Results: Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns Highlights


During the Great Balls of Fire event, Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns will compete against one another in an ambulance match. Which superstar will emerge victorious over the other and solidify their standing as a top talent?

Throughout 2017, Roman Reigns has been constantly threatened by the monster known as Braun Strowman. Both superstars have a drive to be the best talent on Monday Night Raw, and so it was inevitable that they would collide at some point. After running through much of the roster, that confrontation arrived sooner rather than later.

Earlier this year, Braun Strowman suffered his first pinfall loss at the Fastlane event. The man who beat him in the contest was none other than Roman Reigns. It appeared that the powerhouse’s run of dominance was over, but the Monster Among Men gained his revenge a short time later. At Payback, the Big Dog was beaten and demoralized by the end of his match with Strowman. While an injury took Strowman out of the game following Payback, the momentum he gained from the victory cannot be understated.

Now that they have each triumphed against the other, the time has come for a third and possibly final contest. Tonight, Great Balls of Fire serves as the host for what could go down as the most physical match in this rivalry. Within the confines of the ambulance match, we’ll learn once and for all who is the superior athlete. Should Reigns win, it solidifies his status as the top superstar on Raw. If Strowman stands tall, the future becomes that much brighter for the highly athletic powerhouse.

So without further ado, let’s transition from the pre-match background to tonight’s ambulance match. Let us know in the comments who you felt should’ve won the contest and how enjoyable it was.

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Following a rather impressive promotional video, Braun Strowman was the first to make his way to the ring. Looking as fierce and menacing as ever before, the Monster Among Men was ready for a war. Once his entrance concluded, the usual chorus of boos echoed through the arena as Roman Reigns came down the ramp. During both entrances, the announcers were all about hyping the potential of this encounter.

From the moment the bell rang, the Big Dog delivered a series of stiff strikes. They did little to stop his opponent, as Strowman dropped him with several body splashes. Clubbing blows managed to wear Reigns down, but it was a slam into the ring barrier that really helped to inflict the damage. For good measure, Strowman leveled his opponent with a few shots, making use of the steel steps in the process.

Shifting the action back into the ring, Reigns tried unsuccessfully to go on the offensive. The power of Strowman continually kept him at bay, but the Big Dog still had the intelligence to try and stay close to the squared circle. By doing so, he bought himself enough time to hit a pivotal Samoan drop. Trying to even the playing field, Reigns began working on his rival’s recently injured right arm. Repeated chair shots bought him time to recover while Strowman eventually began to simply absorb the hits.

Incensed by the shots to his arm, Strowman threw his opponent throughout the stage and ramp area. Before long, he decided to use the announce table to his advantage as well. The Big Dog fought back to avoid the table, however, he was sent crashing into the side of the ambulance due to his actions.

Believing the match to be over, the Monster Among Men decided to open the ambulance door. He was unable to end the contest, but Reigns took advantage on his end and left his opponent damaged on the ambulance steps. Unfortunately for him, Strowman recovered and threw his opponent onto the entrance stage. He put a prone Reigns in front of the entrance set, intent on sending him crashing through the area. Instead, the Big Dog dodged the attack and moments later left Strowman under a pile of debris from the set.

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Toward the closing moments, the action traveled to just outside the ambulance. Strowman countered the spear, which caused Reigns to run straight into the ambulance, allowing him to close the doors and end the match. However, the Big Dog still had fight within him, and so he speared his rival and took control of the ambulance. Driving it to the parking lot, he sent the ambulance crashing into a nearby truck, ending the clash on a high note. Leaving the scene, Reigns limped by as Raw General Manager Kurt Angle tended to the destroyed vehicle.