WWE: 5 Reasons Chad Gable Can Survive Alone

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 American Alpha was one of the most popular tag teams in NXT thanks to the superior grappling moves exhibited by Chad Gable and Jason Jordan, who were so good in the ring that they forced a face turn. On the main roster, they have failed to gain a foothold, and it could be time for both wrestlers to begin singles careers.

“Good at wrestling” is not a viable gimmick in the WWE, and it’s a big reason why several talented performers, namely Antonio Cesaro, have been unable to obtain a spot on the card that matches their in-ring abilities. American Alpha seem to be in that category as a tag team. Chad Gable and Jason Jordan are two of the most decorated former amateur wrestlers in the WWE and were unquestionably the best tag team in the ring on the main roster. Unfortunately, they never had a chance to flesh out a character, meaning they were never involved in a meaningful feud.

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Recently, Chad Gable has been given a few opportunities to shine in singles competition. He lost to both Kevin Owens and AJ Styles, who have been feuding over the United States Championship, but he also looked excellent in those two defeats.

Here are five reasons why Gable can continue his work as a singles competitor and become successful in this role.

5. Gable as a Goofball

Gable and Jordan won the tag team titles against the brief tandem of Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton, but their reign as champions was unceremonious, to say the least. Their feud with The Usos featured some great matches, but they were completely rolled over in promos. Worse yet, American Alpha were never given a chance to produce any meaningful character work.

That’s a shame, too, because Chad Gable is more than just a former Olympian; he’s one of the best goofballs in the business. The comparisons to Kurt Angle are apt for more reasons than just the Olympic background, suplexes, and shorter stature. Gable can pull off being a serious in-ring competitor while also being a light-hearted source of comedic relief. The “Ready, Willing, And Gable” catchphrase from NXT was gold, and Gable had some excellent promos when he was busy trying to recruit Jason Jordan as his partner.

Jordan might be more charismatic than we think, but there’s no reason to believe that he can be a singles star right now. Gable, on the other hand, looks like the total package, especially if you go back to his work in NXT when he was given a chance to showcase his ability to cut a promo.

The company seems to recognize Gable’s potential for a solo career, and they are probably fans of what he can do when he’s asked to cut promos behind the scenes.  If he were given a singles feud with another wrestler possessing strong comedic timing, the fans could get a few laughs before watching Gable crush his competition.