WWE Raw: Why Dean Ambrose Shouldn’t Turn Heel


Dean Ambrose showed an edge on WWE Raw this week during a backstage altercation with Seth Rollins, but this shouldn’t lead to an Ambrose heel turn.

Seth Rollins came to Dean Ambrose’s aid as he was being beaten down by The Miz and his “Miztourage”, but Ambrose didn’t appreciate it.

Backstage, he told Rollins there would be “no Shield reunion” and made it clear he doesn’t trust him. Was a seed planted for an eventual Ambrose heel turn?

That’s not the direction they should go in. Ambrose should take a more serious approach than he has done in recent months. While there’s a place for his comedy, he should shift up a gear and show this kind of edginess on a more frequent basis.

Ambrose doesn’t need to turn heel for that to happen. The opposite is true.

It’s fine for Ambrose and Rollins to have tension, despite both being over as babyfaces. Their history shouldn’t be ignored. It was Rollins, after all, who turned is back on both Ambrose and Roman Reigns to breakup The Shield, and we’re only a year removed from their heated rivalry over the WWE Championship.

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Rollins has repeatedly brought up his past mistakes and admitted how he sold out by joining The Authority. He acknowledges the past and admits he was wrong, but is now seeking trust from the WWE Universe.

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There appears to be a long way to go before Ambrose is willing to trust his former Shield brother, but that’s how it should be.

It’s possible Ambrose will slowly begin to trust his former ally, which could lead to a mini-Shield reunion at SummerSlam. With Rollins’ addition to the Ambrose-Miz feud on Raw, we could see a tag team match between The Shield pair and The Miztourage in August.

If they don’t go that route, it’s okay for Ambrose and Rollins to take separate paths and remain top babyfaces even if they don’t like each other.

Ambrose has proved in the past he can talk with the best of them in the WWE. Much like John Cena, he can tell jokes and take a more light-hearted approach, but when the time is right he can step it up and get serious. Cena is a master of this, and Ambrose shares many of the same qualities.

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While taking on the role of a heel for the first time as a singles competitor on Raw would be intriguing, it would be the wrong call at this stage.

Ambrose would make a great heel, but for now he should continue his role as one of the most popular good guys in the WWE.