WWE Raw: Are The Revival Ready for Tag Team Gold?


With The Revival back on WWE Raw after one-half the team was out with injury, are the former NXT Tag Team Champions ready for main roster glory?

Over the past few weeks it has become clear that The Revival are back, and they are out for blood. On this past episode of WWE Raw, after The Club defeated The Hardy Boyz, Dash and Dawson made their presence known by attacking Matt and Jeff. Dash has been out of action with an injury and the team have only just returned but they are definitely making an impact.

Is it the right move for them to attack Matt and Jeff? It does re-establish them as a heel team and a future feud with these two can do work wonders for The Revival. Their attack perhaps may not make sense on the surface since we haven’t seen these teams lock up or have any beef. However in the grand scheme of things going after a well known team who are former champions makes sense in building themselves up and making a statement.

It would be a little difficult for them to go after the Raw Tag Team Titles right now, with Sheamus and Cesaro being a heel team as well. However after a good feud with the likes of The Hardy Boyz, The Revival have a better opportunity and they will be in a better position to make that challenge. They can make that challenge no matter who holds the titles, but since they have just come back they need to work a little magic first.

Raw‘s Tag Team Division has mainly been focusing on The Hardy Boyz and the current Champs Cesaro and Sheamus. Their feud and matches have been excellent, but now it has run its course. The other teams on the brand haven’t really been used, and with the split of Enzo and Big Cass they have a chance to use the other teams and get some good competition going. The talent of The Revival is incredible, they made a huge name for themselves in NXT and now is their time to really shine on the main roster.

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It is unfortunate that there was an injury setback, but the team has not been forgotten about. Going up against The Hardy’s means that creative are confident with them as a team and it is possible this is their grooming period to see if they can become future champions. If there are no setbacks and they make the most of the opportunity given, this is a team that will see Tag Team Gold by the end of 2017.