WWE Raw: Braun Strowman’s Return Hurts Logic


A look at why Braun Strowman returning at this point in time was a bad move by the creative.

Braun Strowman would return from the aftermaths of WWE Great Balls of Fire PPV this week on WWE Raw. The Monster Among Men would shrug-off any injury he could have been carrying from that hellish match against Roman Reigns. Moreover, he would manhandle two of Raw’s biggest and strongest superstars like they were made of candy. The show came to close with both Reigns and Joe suffering the wrath of Strowman.

While on paper this looks like an excellent idea, there are issues with the logic at play here. Moreover, above everything else, this return under-sells any and all damage Reigns has been able to do to Strowman until now. For crying out loud, Strowman was

For crying out loud, Strowman was in the backside of an ambulance that was crashed into a truck. It took the fire crew to finally get him out and the fans would witness a bloody mess. Moreover, the angered Monster Among Men would deny any medical assistance and just walk out.

That was a bad-ass segment right there. However, ideally what creative should have done was to let Strowman remain backstage for a while longer. For some reason, they always seem to rush his return every time. The crowd loves this for sure. However, this is a method that is due to run its course in a short time. In other words, this whole thing has a shorter shelf life before it becomes impossible to logically carry around.

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This is not the first time that Strowman has returned from an assault by Reigns as if nothing has happened. Moreover, he recently returned from an elbow injury that was stated to sideline him for six months. One can understand how WWE is trying to play up his inhuman strength and recovery. However, that comes at the expense of making Roman Reigns’ best shots seem like random chair shots.

Obviously, the question would have to be asked – what more should Reigns do? You can top an ambulance crash just like that. What could Reigns do next to keep the Monster Among Men down? Throw him off a flying plane? Strowman won the match at Great Balls of Fire and that should have ensured closure for their feud. Instead, we have witnessed the next chapter in their rivalry and it seems like Samoa Joe and quite possibly Brock Lesnar too might be in it.

Perhaps creative is trying too hard to portray Braun Strowman as an otherworldly beast. Perhaps they are booking him as the next dominant force to face the Beast Incarnate. Or it could be that they are just riding out the wave of Strowman’s popularity. Whatever the case may be, there is an alarming lack of logic here.

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But then again, we are talking about a guy who flipped an ambulance with Reigns inside it as if it were nothing. We shouldn’t be talking about logic in that case. We should much rather be enjoying the show and let Strowman handle the wrecking.