4 Predictions for WWE SmackDown Live: July 18, 2017

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AJ Styles Puts the Title on the Line

Less than two weeks ago, AJ Styles won the United States Championship from Kevin Owens. Normally a match like this would be featured on television, but instead it occurred on a house show. No doubt a ploy to encourage attendance to all shows, the company was certainly able to generate interest. As for Styles, he gained another championship and in turn, raised his stock even more.

Among the buzz created by Styles winning the gold was the announcement that open challenges for the title will be returning to SmackDown Live. This is a surefire way to build the prestige of the championship and help restore it to it’s former glory. Over the past few years WWE has raised the importance of their secondary titles, but more work is ahead of them. Having someone such as Styles hold the title is a huge step in the right direction.

This week, I believe that the Phenomenal One will officially begin his open challenge on the Blue Brand. Out of all the superstars willing to compete in such a match, Dolph Ziggler may be chosen for the opportunity. The Showoff is a great worker, and is more than capable of producing a great match with Styles. While him winning is extremely doubtful, it’d still be nice to see him competing in singles action.

Besides a championship match on SmackDown Live, keep an eye out for Kevin Owens. The former champion is eager to win back the title, and is even more excited about punishing Styles for his recent success. All in all, the Blue Brand is going to have some exciting developments in the midcard scene this week.

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