WWE: Is American Alpha Finished?


On WWE RAW, Kurt Angle revealed that Jason Jordan was his illegitimate son. Now what?

Now that we know Kurt Angle’s “private situation” is the (very kayfabe) story of him fathering a child back in college, the question about where the WWE goes from here still remains. While the storyline itself isn’t completely ridiculous, it is certainly rife with coincidence. Not only did Kurt Angle father a child with an as-yet-to-be-named woman, but said child also just happened to grow up to be an Olympic style wrestler and employee of the WWE, all seemingly without his famous father’s direct influence and guidance.

On the surface, I’m fine with suspending my disbelief so long as this storyline actually goes somewhere meaningful. Jordan does bear a passing resemblance to Angle which is literally all you need in the world of professional wrestling. The biggest question that remains is how or why this situation is so scandalous. So far as we know, Kurt Angle did not have an affair (since he wasn’t married in college) and according to him, he was not even aware of his son’s existence until somewhat recently. This makes me wonder how or if Stephanie McMahon will still play a part in this story, possibly by attempting to use Jordan as some sort of leverage in order to remove Angle from his position as General Manager.

In what would likely be the most ironic plot twist ever, my guess is that Stephanie will argue Jordan’s presence on RAW represents a “conflict of interest” so long as Angle remains the GM. She could also argue that Angle gave his “son” preferential treatment by moving him from Smackdown, thus being able to dictate his matches and opportunities. All of this will be dripping with sarcasm and the intentional lack of self-awareness on Stephanie’s part will drive fans crazy. It’s going to be glorious.

No matter which direction the WWE chooses, this is a unique opportunity for Jordan but one that also carries a lot of risk. He has mostly been a tag team wrestler and success on the singles circuit is not a guarantee. Using Kurt Angle as his gimmick may end up hurting him in the long run because the question will always be whether or not fans actually like Jordan or only like him because of Angle’s involvement. Jason Jordan is undoubtedly talented, but so are many other members of the WWE roster and yet the majority of them do not become main event superstars. It’s clear that the WWE is putting a lot of faith in Jordan in the run up to SummerSlam and they will have to handle this entire storyline very carefully or else the whole thing will crash and burn.

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Unfortunately, the real victim in all of this is Chad Gable. By moving Jason Jordan to RAW, the tag team of American Alpha is essentially finished. It is entirely possible that the duo could be reunited if Gable is moved to RAW and Angle then becomes the de facto manager of American Alpha. This change would not only give new life to yet another failed tag team called up from NXT far too soon but also give Angle a renewed purpose and longevity if he should be stripped of his duties as GM. If none of this comes to pass, then let’s all bid a fond farewell to Chad Gable, who will most certainly go the way of Marty Jannetty.