WWE: Fantasy Booking Nia Jax’s Road to Becoming Raw Women’s Champion


Nia Jax has been a monster-in-waiting in the WWE for a while now, is the monster out of her cage?

A few weeks ago, Nia Jax laid out her former friend and brand new champion Alexa Bliss. It was a message from Jax that she is done messing around and is ready to throttle the entire WWE Raw Women’s Division.

The beating immediately followed Bliss’ Raw Women’s Championship victory over Sasha Banks. It wasn’t a shocking turn of events, but it got Jax in a good place for the coming months.

Jax has lost the ability to be a true monster, thanks to the way she’s been booked since joining the main roster. She’s lost too many times too early in her career. She can get it back, though.

After the attack on Bliss, Jax thought she was next in line, but Kurt Angle reminded her that Banks still had her rematch. Fortunately for Jax, Emma stepped in and the two of them convinced Angle to give them a chance. Emma stole the glory of Jax’s almost single-handed defeat of Bliss and Banks in a tag match, making their No Mercy title match into a Fatal 4-Way. It would later turn into a Fatal 5-Way, after Bayley returned from injury to join the match.

Moving forward, Emma should be key in getting Jax to the next step. She’s gotten in Jax’s way a few times now, the next time should be at No Mercy, costing Jax the title. While Jax would be able to get over as champion right now, she still needs a little more seasoning to her character before she can hold the belt.

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Jax needs a short, sweet and, most importantly, dominant feud over Emma, who needs to sell like crazy to help get Jax in position to challenge for the title.

Emma’s had a rough go of things since her NXT Arrival match with Paige laid the groundwork for the revolution of women’s wrestling in WWE.

Still, it’s important to note that she is capable of that level of performance, because she needs to give Jax everything she has. Jax has not improved as quickly as WWE hoped when her and Braun Strowman seemed destined for parallel paths, but a quality worker like Emma can definitely get her where she needs to go in a well-booked match.

After that, Jax will need one more feud. She needs to beat up one of Raw’s biggest female stars, either Bayley or Banks. Annihilating Emma is great, but she’s not viewed as a star. A few decisive victories over a star of Bayley or Banks’ caliber would really cement her as a legit title contender.

Finally, Jax would arrive to the Raw Women’s Championship scene to take on the woman she used to call “friend,” Bliss. Bliss is the big one for Jax. Despite her win on Monday over Bliss, getting a clean victory over her in a one-on-one title match would be the perfect icing on the cake for Jax.

After that, Jax can go anywhere. She can have a dominant run and take over the division, or she could have a short run and be a major obstacle for Bayley, Banks or Asuka to overcome.

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Jax has the size and ability to be a major asset to WWE. They just need to stop messing around with her and make her a star.