WWE Rumors: Kevin Owens Moving To Raw?


For several months, Kevin Owens was the biggest star on WWE Raw, carrying the flagship program at points during his reign as Universal Champion. Could he be headed back to Stephanie McMahon’s show this fall?

Kevin Owens is one of the biggest stars in wrestling, and the WWE confirmed his high status by having Vince McMahon show up to confront him last month on a special episode in Las Vegas. This appearance upstaged a solid United States Championship match, a feud-ending SmackDown Women’s Championship match, and a “Street Fight” between The Usos and The New Day. Not only that, but the Chairman allowed Owens to brutalize him, kicking Owens’s feud with Shane McMahon for Hell in a Cell up a notch.

The friction between Owens and Shane that has existed since K.O. first joined SmackDown Live after WrestleMania 33 is coming to a head. Fans have speculated that this could all lead to Owens rejoining the Raw roster, though Stephanie McMahon’s one-off appearance after Owens’s beatdown of Vince may have complicated things.

Ringside News’s Steve Carrier relays an advertisement for the Oct. 16 episode of Raw in Portland, Oregon. Familiar “Red Brand” faces like Sasha Banks and Roman Reigns are advertised for the event, but, interestingly enough, so is Owens. Note that Hell in a Cell is this Sunday on Oct. 8, so that means Owens would switch brands rather quickly in a huge blow-up.

It would make plenty of sense for Owens to switch brands after completely brutalizing Shane McMahon inside of Hell in a Cell, and it would be interesting to see if he and Stephanie McMahon have any interactions. When Owens was the Universal Champion on Raw, he and Stephanie had a solid relationship, mainly because Stephanie was busy trying to make life miserable for Seth Rollins. At the time, Rollins was Owens’s stiffest competition for the title and was also screwed over by Triple H when Owens won that title.

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No matter which brand Owens is on, he’ll be the top heel, but this rumor adds more intrigue to his current feud with Shane. It’s worth noting that Triple H has been advertised for a live event in Lisbon, Portugal, that is branded for SmackDown Live.