WWE: 5 Bold Predictions for 2018

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A new year means new possibilities and with the WWE constantly struggling for better television ratings we could be poised to see some major changes in 2018

This is my last article for Daily DDT and I want to go out with a bang. As an active duty military member I will soon be moving to a new command somewhere else in the world, and I need as much time to prepare as possible.

When I was hired in 2015 I told the editors I wanted to bring something different to the heavily populated landscape of professional wrestling websites. From controversial articles about Eva Marie and Mount Rushmore to my monthly retrospectives about death and even an eye-opening look into the world of CTE, these last two years with Daily DDT have helped me become a better writer and introduced me to some exceptionally talented people.

I even wrote an obituary for a houseplant.

One of my first articles was 10 Bold Predictions for 2016m and it firmly established me as a no-nonsense writer who took no prisoners, only chances. It was also the kind of piece that would come to justify my insanely high salary that was ultimately the result of a computer error but those checks have been cashed, T-Shirts have been received, and my address has been changed. Unless FanSided has enough gold coins to hire John Wick, I’m in the clear.

My predictions ended up being pretty much on the nose with 7 out of 10 coming to fruition. It is therefore only fitting that my final article be something similar with hopefully 100% accuracy. Much like my first prediction piece, are these statements bold? Possibly. Are they irresponsible? Maybe. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks again to everyone at FanSided and Daily DDT for an amazing two years. Be excellent to each other and party on, dudes.