WWE 5 Burning Questions: Why Did Daniel Bryan Turn?

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With Survivor Series a mere four days away, what were the biggest questions the superstars of WWE Raw and SmackDown Live left behind in the ring?

WWE produced a couple of focused shows on Monday and Tuesday as both Raw and SmackDown Live upped their game. Everything that happened on Monday had a purpose and it was red-hot to say the least. Tuesday night however had quite a few swerves and surprises for us though. We will get to that in-depth, as some of those decisions, with long-term implications are questionable to say the least.

The brand supremacy concept has been losing spark with every year, with nothing but pride on the line. Though solutions have been suggested, nothing seems to be in the works as far as creative decisions goes. Both brands now have their men’s and women’s survivor series teams setup (with some minor exceptions).

One of the major issues I have with this brand vs brand concept is that inter-brand feuds and rivalries are forced to take a step back. In other cases, some of those rivalries are forgotten altogether for the sake of teaming up. Though Stephanie McMahon tried to put some logic and reasoning in place for that this past week, I don’t think anybody is convinced about it.

Without further delay though, let’s get on to the burning questions for the week.