WWE 5 Burning Questions: Can Braun Strowman Even The Odds?

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We are just a couple of days away from TLC. The WWE has some exciting matches on the card. What were the questions the superstars left in the ring as we concluded the final build for the upcoming PPV?

With just days left until the TLC PPV, WWE tried to shake things up a bit. Raw was its usual mixed bag, but it might have been one of the more entertaining shows in recent times. Thanks to Seth Rollins that is. The Architect came out right at the start of the show and began addressing what has been happening on Monday nights lately. But more on that later.

The Architect would also close out the show with an enthralling and physical TLC match against Baron Corbin. The show had other fun moments too but the absence of Finn Balor was noticeable. On Tuesday night though, the fans were in for a treat. It was filled with equal times great in-ring action and equal times goofy.

Daniel Bryan squared off against Mustafa Ali for the first time ever. The match made the most of the time it was given but it left us all wanting more. It also raised more questions. The Miz and Shane McMahon’s saga took another turn, and we could be in for a ride as the Hollywood A-Lister begins to bring out his sentimental side.

That and more await us as we address the burning questions from this week in the WWE.