New WWE Chronicle Episode Confirms Becky Lynch Is “The Man”


On Saturday, WWE released their newest episode of WWE Chronicle, this time featuring “The Man”, Becky Lynch. The episode confirmed her “top dog” status.

WWE Chronicle is an original documentary series released by WWE, where filmmakers follow a Superstar around and “chronicles” a moment in their life by the way of candid interviews, backstage moments, and unscripted events.

In the past, WWE Chronicle has followed Dean Ambrose, Samoa Joe, and Shinsuke Nakamura, making the newest episode featuring Becky Lynch the first to star a woman Superstar.

The episode lasted a paltry 24 minutes, but it managed to capture the spirit behind Becky Lynch, and what exactly makes her the champ.

During the show, Lynch discusses her start at wrestling with her brother, where she demanded she be taken with him, even though he didn’t want her to come. She also talked at length about her passion for wrestling, and how everyday she gets up and fights, refusing to “rest”, because she’s not a “quitter”.

There’s shots of her working out, with careful closeups for her well-done nails. The image was a sharp and clear view of Lynch: a woman who takes care of herself and refuses to conform to norms.

One of the best moments of the 24 minutes, was when Lynch was being interviewed via phone by Ariel Helwani, on ESPN’s MMA Show, where she talked about Ronda Rousey, and how she felt when Rousey signed with WWE.

"“Look, the thing is, what I always wanted, what I set off coming from Ireland to do, was to make sure that women’s wrestling was the coolest thing on TV, right? And that people cared about it. When you have a star like Ronda Rousey coming in, then it brings eyes. It brings attention. So to me, that was a case of, ‘alright, alright, this person is here, this world class athlete, this champion, this Olympian, is here. Now it’s time to step up and show her who ‘The Man’ is, who the boss is, who runs this show, right?’ And to me, that’s another opportunity to step up.”"

The documentary interviewed Lynch after she was attacked by Charlotte Flair and Asuka with a kendo stick, during the last episode of SmackDown, prior to TLC. During the impromptu interview, Lynch talked about the attack, Flair’s inferiority, and what TLC will look like for the two competitors.

"“What happened out there, is that I saw that neither of them could get the job done. And when Charlotte wouldn’t get the job done, she rolled out, she threw a hissy fit, like Charlotte Flair does, like only Charlotte Flair can.”“On Sunday, I’ll take a beating, again. But the thing is, I get up, and I get up again, and again, and again.”“I owned [Flair] like I’ve owned her for months. This Sunday, I’m going to own Asuka, too. Especially, after tonight.”"

But perhaps the best moment of the entire episode, and the moment that captured all of the strife and frustration the fans felt for Lynch, was at the very end, where Lynch talks into the camera about her journey, and what it means for the WWE Women’s Division.

"“I’m sick of being overlooked. I was on a winning streak, and I was, uh, proving time and time again that no matter how much, or no matter who I’m out there with, I would step up. I would bring them up, too, right? And I was sick of bringing everybody else up, and letting myself go.You went from caring about everybody, and how everybody was, and how everybody was feeling. Then it was like, ‘No, screw them. They don’t care about me, and how I’m doing. Why should I care about them?In doing that, I have elevated everybody, right? Everybody wants to step up. Everybody wants to be ‘The Man’. Everybody else has been warming themselves under the fire that I have started.So,uh, in doing that, I have elevated the WWE Women’s Division, like, unbelievably, like nobody else.How many times has Charlotte had the Women’s Championship, right? How many times has Alexa Bliss had the Championship? How many times has anyone else had the championship, and have they made, they made the title the talk of the entire industry? They haven’t. Only one woman has done it. And that one woman is me.”"

The WWE Universe couldn’t agree more.

Watch the entire episode on the WWE Network, and on the official WWE YouTube channel.

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Watch Lynch defend her SmackDown Women’s Championship against Asuka and Charlotte Flair in the first-ever women’s TLC match, on Sunday, Dec. 16 at the TLC pay-per-view, on the WWE Network.