12 Days of WWE’s Best: Women’s Tag Titles Are Well-Deserved


Today on my list of the Best of WWE 2018, WWE gave us the perfect gift just in time for Christmas, when the return of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships were announced last night.

This is the eleventh hour entry to this list that may have actually come at the absolutely perfect time. That’s right, everyone – our holiday prayers and wishes were finally answered when last night, on Christmas Eve, Vince McMahon (dressed as Santa Claus, of course) announced that after months of speculation, the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships are indeed returning.

It’s a set of championships that the women of WWE have been rallying for since rumors surrounding the title’s return serviced this year. I can say with confidence that consistently at the forefront of that rally have been Sasha Banks and Bayley, who have been all over social media voicing their desire to not only see the titles return, but to lead that division.

The women of WWE, Sasha and Bayley included, have since taken to Twitter to voice their excitement about this wonderful new opportunity they’ll have presented to them in 2019. Bayley in particular shared this emotional tweet, complete with the perfect Paramore lyrics to accompany the sentiment.

Here at Daily DDT, we have never been shy about our enthusiasm and excitement regarding what the Women’s Tag Team Championships could do for WWE, and that’s with good reason. Both the Raw and SmackDown Women’s Division have become so saturated with talent that it can barely be considered fair that only four women at a time can truly be highlighted each pay-per-view cycle – the two that challenge for each championship.

The return of the Women’s Tag Team Division is the perfect way to have as many women as possible showcased from week-to-week. Let’s not kid ourselves here… on Raw especially, the women were thrown together in six, eight, even ten-woman tag matches anyway. At least now we have the opportunity to make all the work those women do mean something.

The one thing that hasn’t yet been clarified is how exactly these championships will be integrated into WWE programing, whether they’ll be co-branded, etc.

If I can put my hat in the ring and explain how I think the tag titles could fair in WWE, well, let me go ahead and do that…

Since this will be the “inaugural” run for the championships, I think WWE will more than likely have a tournament to crown the first Women’s Tag Champions, and given that they’ll be starting in early 2019, the perfect time for the finals of that tournament will be at Wrestlemania.

Think about it – all these women on the roster having fought tooth-and-nail for this opportunity, all the pride and joy that they’ll be giving to building this new division…

The pinnacle of that tournament will have to be showcased on the grandest stage of them all, because the passion of these women and of the fans who’ll be so happy for their success can only be contained by an event as big as Wrestlemania.

As far as who the players will be, I think we can all already tell that Sasha Banks and Bayley are going to be the babyface favorites going throughout this tournament, and they’ll have some great heel teams to play off of, including The Riott Squad and probably The IIconics (assuming the belts are co-branded).

I’m betwixt and between whether or not in the end, I would like to see two of the current WWE teams go head to head for the champions so that the brilliance of their current female superstars can really be showcased, or if somehow, someway Trish and Lita could come back for one more match.

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Either way, to the women of WWE – you’ve broken more barriers in 2018 than ever before, and it’s about time you were all given an additional chance at gold. We can’t wait to see what more you can accomplish in 2019!