WWE: Bray Wyatt was the MVP of SummerSlam

WWE, Bray Wyatt via WWE.com
WWE, Bray Wyatt via WWE.com /

Last night at WWE SummerSlam, Bray Wyatt returned and exceeded all fan expectations re-cementing himself as a main event level superstar and the clear MVP of the night.

In a night filled with some good moments and some bad moments, Bray Wyatt undeniably stole the show in his debut match as The Fiend. Since the debut of the Firefly Funhouse back in April, we all anxiously awaited this day, and can certainly say the wait was well worth it.

Bray Wyatt’s entrance alone was enough to title him MVP of the night as The Fiend’s debut entrance is already up there among the best in WWE.

I really liked how his previous theme song was used and remixed to sound more eerie and scary, something that really fits well with his new persona. The music along with the lighting effects  made the Fiend feel like a horror movie monster and most importantly, a big star in WWE.

Being in attendance, I can honestly say that Wyatt got one of the biggest reactions of the night. You could feel the energy in the arena as he walked to the ring with the fireflies in the crowd out in full effect.

Although positioned as a heel, Wyatt received a thunderous positive ovation from fans as he made his highly anticipated debut entrance. Having the crowd invested in Wyatt fueled the significance of the match, and enabled him to make a strong mark on a somewhat lackluster event.

Like his former self, he walked to the ring with a lantern, only this time, the lantern featured his severed head on top symbolizing the death of the old Bray Wyatt and the birth of the Fiend.

This symbolic artifact can be added to the list of references that have been made to Wyatt’s past personas like Huskus the Pig representing Husky Harris (Bray’s first WWE character) and Abby the Witch paying homage to Sister Abigail. All these symbols have been a true testament to the deep story-telling WWE has woven into Bray Wyatt over the past few months.

As for the match itself, it served its purpose in re-establishing Bray Wyatt as a big star in the WWE.

One spot in particular that made Wyatt look like an absolute monster was snapping Finn Balor’s neck, a move that made him look like a legitimate psychopath. Props go to Balor for really helping establish the Fiend’s scary persona by displaying looks of genuine fear throughout the match.

The finish via the mandible claw was the icing on the cake for an incredible return to the ring for Bray Wyatt. A move that we have seen used in recent weeks on legends like Kurt Angle and Mick Foley was a fitting way to take down Finn Balor.

No ring rust was evident for Bray Wyatt as the Fiend looked dominant and stole the show.

After last night, there is no denying that WWE has something special here with the Fiend. An awe-inspiring entrance last night had me feeling like Wyatt’s new persona could be the next Undertaker, and a big star in WWE for a long time.

The goosebumps I had seeing Bray Wyatt’s new entrance is something that I can’t say I have felt watching WWE in a very long time.

Wyatt’s return to TV and character transition over the past few months has been one of the brightest spots in a rocky period for WWE. It’s clear that they have positioned him to be a top-level superstar, and he certainly fits the part after an impressive SummerSlam performance.

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From the moment he entered through the curtains to the final shot atop the ramp looking back into the ring, The Fiend stole the show in his debut match and was the definitive MVP of the night.