WWE Rumors: A John Cena return not likely for WrestleMania 36

While we have all been eagerly anticipating the WWE return of John Cena in time for WrestleMania, we can all probably stop holding our breath now. At least when it comes for an actual in-ring match.

It was just a few weeks ago that we learned from a WrestleVotes report that John Cena was campaigning to WWE backstage for a more “substantial” role for himself (more than just a cameo appearance, like he had the year prior) at the upcoming WrestleMania in Tampa, Florida.

While this was enough to get us all excited to see Big Match John have one more blockbuster bout on the Grandest Stage of Them All, it may not be as likely to happen as we all would hope, as journalist Tom Colohue explains in the latest episode of his YouTube series.

As Colohue points out, Cena is currently in the middle of filming the next Suicide Squad sequel, meaning he is far too booked and busy to train, prepare and promote for any ensuing match at WrestleMania 36. Although, while it rules out an actual wrestling role for the former 16-time World Champion, that does not necessarily mean Cena could not still make an appearance.

“He may make a late appearance, but he definitely will not be wrestling,” Colohue adds. This suggests that we could possibly see another cameo appearance similar to what we saw last year at WrestleMania 35 (where Cena brought back his Doctor of Thuganomics character for one night only), or even something similar to WrestleMania 32 where he did a quick run-in to help The Rock fend off The Wyatt Family.

The last time we saw John Cena wrestle at the proverbial Show of Shows was when he was defeated by The Undertaker in under five minutes at WrestleMania 34.

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While it’s unlikely he’ll wrestle this year, what would you like to see Cena do at WrestleMania?

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