AEW: Why All Elite Wrestling should sign Veda Scott

Veda Scott posted a promo to social media that highlights why she needs to be introduced to the mainstream wrestling crowd. Enter AEW.

Before we talk about her potential in AEW, let’s first briefly talk about who Veda Scott is for those readers who may not be aware.

A Drexel University School of Law graduate from Rhode Island, Scott is best recognized for her time in Ring of Honor, where she served as a manager to future IMPACT wrestler Moose, then future WWE Superstar Cedric Alexander.

Above all else, as someone who’s competed all over the world for indies in Canada, United States and even Japan, she is a professional wrestler. And proud to be one, too.

She expressed how proud she was in a promo expressing how proud she was in a recent promo she cut earlier this week.

“I can’t do this forever. None of us can do this forever. Pro wrestlers have a shelf life and if I squint really hard, I can just about make up my expiration date.” 

In an almost unflinchingly, painfully raw reflection, Scott reflects on her undying passion for her craft, despite being ignored by the masses and how much this “crazy, painful, wonderful slice of [her] life” exhausts her, physically and mentally.

Scott has always been a great in-ring talent, but the way she allowed herself to be vulnerable with this promo highlights a whole new range for her.

It showcases a potential that had yet to be tapped into until now. A potential her ability to connect with audiences as a character. A quick scroll through the comments of her tweet already shows a wave of support and praise for her promo. Put this promo in the middle of a ring and I have a hard time imagining anything less than a standing ovation from the crowd.

Above all else, the promo highlights just how overlooked Scott has been as a competitor over the years. She said it herself. “I can’t do this forever.” And she’s right. She has far too much talent and potential on her shoulders to have never been given a mainstream platform to show her chops, especially now that she’s quickly approaching her prime.

Between the two biggest mainstream wrestling platforms on television right now (AEW and WWE), I feel like AEW would be the best fit for Veda Scott.

Just because from a lot of different recollections, the majority of that roster (if not, everyone on that roster) seem to be given a lot of creative control as far as where their characters and angles can go. Given what Scott did in that aforementioned promo, if she’s given both a platform and the free range to do her schtick, then the possibilities are endless for her.

With all of this said, don’t mistake this article as one last desperate plea begging a promotion to sign someone before they hang up their boots. This is more than just a plea to get Veda Scott on television. This is a plea for AEW to acquire something they’ve been missing on television: a woman with a natural connection with the audience.

AEW has struggled with its women’s division for some time now. There’s nothing wrong with the division as far as talent is concerned, but AEW is struggling to find ways to (or even try to) showcase the women as characters and, as a result, the fans are struggling to connect to and relate to most of their women’s roster.

The simple solution (which the promotion still needs to do) is to start regularly showcasing the personalities and character which each woman holds, but another option is to hire outside talents who have proven they are capable of gripping their audience and making people care about what they’re doing.

Veda Scott proved she could do exactly that with that last promo.

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As she enters the prime of her career, it’s time that the rest of the wrestling world be introduced to the talent that Veda Scott encompasses and I cannot think of a better introduction for an elite competitor than in All Elite Wrestling.