WWE: 3 surprise opponents for Brock Lesnar this WrestleMania season

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The Beast, Brock Lesnar is the reigning WWE Championship, holding the title for more than 100 days now. While Lesnar has done nothing but establish his dominance in the WWE for almost two decades, it is about time for him to defend his championship.

With the Royal Rumble quickly approaching, it’s anybody’s guess who Lesnar’s next opponent will be, especially when we factor in that Brock Lesnar announced he will be entering the Royal Rumble match in the number one spot. With a vast variety of potential challengers (many of whom Lesnar will no doubt square off against in the Rumble), let’s dive into three surprise challengers for Brock Lesnar’s WWE Championship.

#1. Drew McIntyre

McIntyre has had a pretty dominant 2019, which means it’s only right that he get his fair shot at Lesnar’s WWE Championship in 2020.

Not only does McIntyre have an impressively chiseled physique, but he also has a nasty attitude that makes him a vicious and unstoppable competitor in the ring.

After months of doing Shane McMahon’s dirty work, and constantly showing the WWE universe his ferocious fighting style, McIntyre deserves a shot at championship gold. With the domination McIntyre has had in the ring recently, we can see that it is Drew McIntyre’s time to be on top.

If dominating 2019 isn’t enough for you, McIntyre has also hit the ground running in 2020 by picking up his first official victory in 2020 against No Way Jose.

Right after the match (and after delivering a second Claymore Kick to No Way Jose), McIntyre announces his entrance into the 2020 Royal Rumble.

If Drew can pick up a win at the Royal Rumble, he has a sure-fire shoot at main eventing WrestleMania and facing the champion of his choice.

Since McIntyre himself stated that he’s never had a shot at the WWE title, our best guess is he’s gunning for Brock Lesnar, and rightfully so!

If McIntyre can keep his impressive winning streak alive & show all competitors on the roster that he is not to be messed with (including Brock at the Royal Rumble) he can very well be next in line for a chance at the WWE title.

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