Report: Tessa Blanchard accused of verbally abusing WOW staff

Tessa Blanchard continues to be at the center of bullying and verbal abuse accusations. The latest surrounds her time in WOW – Women of Wrestling.

A day before winning the World Heavyweight Championship at Impact Wrestling’s Hard to Kill Pay-Per-View, Tessa Blanchard received accusations from multiple parties of being both a racist and a backstage bully.

One week later, the accusations continue to flood in. This time, the accusations are in regards to her time in WOW – Women of Wrestling where she is a former World Champion and figurehead of the show.

Fightful recently spoke to an anonymous WOW competitor who spoke on Blanchard’s backstage run ins with that company where she verbally abused members of the staff, including both wrestlers and trainers.

In the latter case, the anonymous roster member recalled Blanchard verbally dressing down a trainer backstage, bringing them to tears. Fightful were told that sources close to the situation tried to reach out to her, but Blanchard did not want to talk about it, believing the situation to be blown out of proportion.

It was also noted that upon joining WOW and becoming the promotion’s head trainer and member of talent relations during the second season, several changes were made that halted the pushes of multiple, longtime and unnamed members of the roster. Many of those members directly blame Tessa Blanchard for these changes.

Speaking of season two, Fightful were also told by this anonymous wrestler about a backstage confrontation between Tessa Blanchard and Malia Hosaka, a legendary wrestling veteran with over 30 years of experience in the business. Only Hosaka was “reprimanded” for the situation, which wrestlers who saw the situation believed to be unfair.

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Blanchard had another verbal altercation with another top WOW star that apparently had been building up for weeks and escalated to a shouting match.

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