AEW Revolution: Jon Moxley needs to win the World Championship

Jon Moxley will face “Le Champion” Chris Jericho at AEW Revolution on Saturday, Feb. 29.

Last May, Jon Moxley arrived in AEW by taking out both Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho. Since then, bad blood has been festering between them. Jericho attempted to recruit “The Purveyor of Violence” into the Inner Circle, offering him 49% of Inner Circle, LLC and a Ford GT with a custom license plate.

Moxley appeared to accept before turning on each member of the group and taking his car with him. In retaliation, Jericho spiked Mox’s eye. Now, we have Mox looking even more like a bad–s with his eyepatch.

Jericho was the right champion at the right time. He was the right choice to be the face of a brand new company. “Le Champion” brought familiarity to fans, especially those only familiar with WWE and not new indie talents. He brings a veteran presence, decades of experience and exceptional mic skills. Now that AEW has become more established, it’s time for the brand to have a new face.

Moxley is in prime position to become AEW’s second World Champion. He’s been over with the fans from the moment he showed up at Double or Nothing.

Mox is one of the most popular wrestlers in the world. In the short time that he’s been gone from WWE, he has already been a champion twice in NJPW. He will be putting his IWGP United States Championship on the line against Minoru Suzuki on February 9.

Not only is he in demand in Japan, Moxley is also taking his talents to Tampa for Mania Week. He’ll be facing Josh Barnett at Bloodsport III. He’ll also be appearing at WrestleCon 2020. Although Mox is in demand, he still makes AEW his first priority.

Jericho has mentioned wanting to more companies to work together. Moxley can help make that happen. As an NJPW champion, he can have dream matches like Suzuki, EVIL, Tomohiro Ishii, Shingo Takagi and more. Fans want these matches because there is great talent in multiple companies.

Moxley has shown he’s more than willing to get physical on Dynamite, fly to Japan for weekend shows and wrestle on Dynamite a few days later. That is a man that can make things happen. He may be able to help bring NJPW wrestlers to the US for a AEW pay-per-view.

NJPW is rumored to have a show at Madison Square Garden in August. That would be another great opportunity to have these two companies work together.

Moxley is fun and unpredictable. He is willing to go all out at a moment’s notice. He sacrifices his body for his art, like when he put Omega through a glass coffee table with a Paradigm Shift and took a lot of the impact. He went all out for his unsanctioned lights out match against Omega.

As champion, Moxley can bring more aggressiveness. We’ve seen him bring his opponents to another level (who ever thought that Omega would wrestle a hardcore match?).

He already helped to elevate Joey Janela at Fyter Fest, especially with fans who were unfamiliar with him prior to AEW. Mox can do the same for guys like Darby Allin, Jimmy Havoc and Kip Sabian. Some of these guys are still newer to some AEW fans, but having matches with Moxley can make them pay attention.

He can show other layers to the roster in guys like Scorpio Sky, Hangman Page, Rey Fenix and Santana. Moxley is on another level and he can bring other competitors up to their next level by pushing them to do more while showcasing their talent.

If we’re talking dream matches, give us Orange Cassidy vs. Jon Moxley. We got a little taste and we need to be (freshly) squeezed. I’m talking a Best of Five series. Who says no?

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AEW is less than a year old, but now is the time for a title change. Moxley will have a monster 2020 and he’s the guy you strap a rocket on to move your company forward. Moxley has been a breath of fresh air since coming to AEW. He added an edginess and excitement. Putting the title on Moxley is best for business and for the fans.

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