WWE: 3 WrestleMania 36 feuds we’re most excited for

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With WrestleMania vastly approaching, let’s talk about and predict the feuds we’re most excited to see WWE build towards in the coming months.

The most exciting thing about WrestleMania season is watching as hot rivalries blossom and grow among our favorite WWE Superstars as we continue to work our way closer and closer to a big money match at The Show of Shows.

Already, we’ve seen a few such feuds blossom, while current rumor, speculation and innuendo suggests that even more exciting feuds are waiting in the wings for the right moment to kick into high gear. Let’s talk about a few of those feuds.

Drew McIntyre vs. Brock Lesnar

We have already seen a taste of this feud when the WWE Champion F5’d the Royal Rumble winner the night after the Rumble. A week later, we saw Brock Lesnar attack Ricochet, so the champ is going to be focusing on that feud until further notice. You know, in between disappearing from WWE TV every so often.

However, as we should know by now, the closer we get to Mania, the more frequently we are expected to see Brock Lesnar on WWE TV. The collision between these two juggernauts is already hotly anticipated and when we get more of these two colliding in the coming weeks, it’ll surely make for some exciting TV.

The more we see these two face to face and nose to nose, perhaps even trading fists as security pulls both parties back, the more this match-up has the aura of a Mania main event worthy contest.

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