WWE NXT: Ranking every ladder match in the brand’s history (so far)

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While we wait to see what happens with the WWE NXT women’s ladder match that was scheduled for TakeOver, it’s time to look back and rank every ladder match in NXT history.

Before the novel coronavirus impacted the world, a highly-anticipated women’s ladder match was set to take place at WWE NXT TakeOver: Tampa on April 4, just 24 hours before WrestleMania 36. Unfortunately, the future of that TakeOver card remains uncertain with the event being taken off the schedule.

It would’ve been the first time six NXT women clashed in a ladder match, but it certainly wasn’t going to be the first NXT ladder match. In fact, the black and yellow (and UK) brand has had a total of 8 ladder matches take place during the WWE Network era.

So, if you’re impatiently waiting for that women’s ladder match to go down like I am, here’s a look back at every NXT ladder match that’s taken place thus far.

#8. Neville vs. Bo Dallas – NXT Championship – NXT ArRIVAL (Feb. 27, 2014)

Kicking off the list is WWE NXT’s very first ladder match, which headlined the first live special on the WWE Network. It was a culmination of Neville chasing the NXT Championship for months while Bo Dallas reigned supreme as the top heel over the brand.

With an introduction from WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels, and even a standing ovation from John Cena, WWE made sure this clash had a big-fight feel. In rewatching the bout, this felt like a standard ladder match masked by the shiny lights and excitement, not to say that was a bad thing.

Bo Dallas dominated Neville for a good portion of the match before the underdog made his comeback to ascend to the top. The torch was passed as Neville overcame Dallas to mark a new era for NXT on the WWE Network.

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