New Jack reminds us that Jerry Lawler is the actual villain

Never one to hold back, New Jack has called out Jerry Lawler on Twitter while wearing a brazen “Kill Your Local Pedophile” t-shirt.

There may be no more controversial figure in wrestling than New Jack, but that controversy might be better aimed at Jerry Lawler.

New Jack’s sordid history was illustrated fantastically in an episode during this season of Vice on TV’s Dark Side of the Ring series, which dove into many of the most shocking parts of New Jack’s career.

Since the episode aired, New Jack continues to be active on social media and has seen a resurgence in notoriety. He’s also just as bold and blunt as ever, as illustrated by a pair of tweets sent out yesterday.

The first is simple, it’s just a picture of New Jack wearing a lovely “Kill Your Local Pedophile” t-shirt. The t-shirt can be purchased at KYLP Enterprise on Facebook.

It’s a simple and effective design, but it was New Jack’s reply shortly after that stuck out to me much more than the t-shirt itself. While tagging another Twitter user (whose profile is relatively blank), New Jack tacks on “yeah, f*ck Lawler” to the thread.

It might seem out of nowhere, or like a personal shot from New Jack to Jerry “The King” Lawler, but there’s far more to this three-word tweet than meets the eye. In 1993, Lawler was indicted on charges of the rape and sodomy of a 15-year-old girl.

Shockingly, Lawler actually helped the story end up back on the minds of fans back in 2017. For some inexplicable reason, a tweet about his arrest in 1993 was retweeted by Jerry Lawler himself.

The story of Lawler’s ill-advised retweet spread far, with even the NY Post covering his retweet and the massive social media backlash it received. While the rape and sodomy charges were ultimately dropped, this happened as part of a plea agreement where Lawler was found guilty of harassment.

If you want a more detailed account of the case and the circumstances surrounding it, David Bixenspan covered it fantastically for Deadspin in 2018. Even if Lawler wasn’t found guilty, the plea agreement and surrounding circumstances certainly indicate there was more merit to the situation than Lawler and his lawyer admitted to.

As jarring as the charges were, perhaps the most mind-boggling part of it all was a hand-written letter that Jerry Lawler sent to prosecutors in the case. Bixenspan acquired the letter as part of a public records request for the aforementioned article.

For as controversial as some may believe New Jack to be, his tweet has only brought to light how much more controversial Jerry Lawler should be seen to be by fans. Despite a history of racist comments and alleged domestic violence, Jerry “The King” Lawler continues to be a prominent voice on commentary in WWE.

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Nearly 30 years after sending this baffling letter defending himself against truly heinous accusations which he escaped via a plea agreement, he’s still placed on a pedestal as a “voice of wrestling” by many fans. This is just one more damning reminder, thanks to New Jack, of how terrible of a human being Jerry Lawler is and how dire it is to get him out of WWE and wrestling entirely.

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