IMPACT Wrestling: Three match types that need to return at Lockdown

Rhino of IMPACT wrestling, image courtesy of IMPACT
Rhino of IMPACT wrestling, image courtesy of IMPACT /
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The previously announced slate of IMPACTPlus shows may have been postponed due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, but that can’t stop fans new and old alike from getting excited at the prospect of matches to come. One such show making its long-anticipated return is Impact’s flagship of violence Lockdown.

Last seen in 2016, Lockdown was TNA’s answer to both Hell in a Cell and Elimination Chamber respectively rolled into one event, and later grew to encapsulate all gimmick matches and standard cage matches for the promotion.

Established in 2002, it became a yearly event looked forward to for its unique mix of high impact wrestling and death-defying spots. Later becoming known for showcasing truly unique gimmick matches; the bread and butter of late-era TNA.

Lockdown ended its yearly run as a Pay-Per-View event in 2016 when Jeff Hardy won a Six Sides of Steel match against EC3 for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Following the subsequent rebranding of the promotion from TNA to Impact, Lockdown was shed as well as other gimmick events thought to be dead weight for the newly reborn promotion.

All good things have a way of returning though and now four years and two fewer sides to the ring later, the ultimate expression in violence returns with the three matches that made it famous Lethal Lockdown, Xscape Match, and Queen of the Cage matches.