AEW: Five opponents for Cody’s open challenge

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Cody’s open challenge is welcome to all and these names should be included

One of the biggest draws to weekly All Elite Wrestling content is the open challenge that Cody presents for the TNT championship. The idea that any individual can step through the curtain to challenge for that belt creates an air of intrigue that is worth the watch. Ricky Starks and Eddie Kingston got over in those moments and fans are looking forward to WARHORSE who is set for an upcoming edition of the show. AEW is doing a great mix of surprise entrant and promotion of announced names to mix things up. With that in mind, these are five names that would be perfect to challenge Cody for the TNT title.

The best way to manage these names would be to continue the mix of promotion a week in advance, with a bit of surprise the night of. These are individuals that have succeeded in other organizations, made a name on the independent circuit, returning to the mainstream or even already a part of the AEW roster. Cody has continued to deliver as the MVP of AEW since its inception and these five challengers will help to continue the push for Cody to become a special performer in the wrestling industry.