AEW: Cody Rhodes has been the promotion’s MVP so far in 2020

AEW, Cody Rhodes (photo courtesy of AEW)
AEW, Cody Rhodes (photo courtesy of AEW) /

As he’s the current reigning TNT champion, Cody Rhodes has had one of the more successful years among the AEW roster.

Despite never winning the World heavyweight championship since debuting in AEW, Cody Rhodes, in many cases, can be argued as the franchise player of All Elite Wrestling.

One of the best-booked performers in that very company, Cody has become one of the most beloved main-eventers AEW has to offer. From his stellar PPV matches, with high-profile performances with Chris Jericho and Dustin Rhodes, to his character development as he’s able to cut must-see promos.

Cody Rhodes is, thus far in 2020, the MVP of All Elite Wrestling. On top of the fact that he’s established himself as the most featured performer on AEW, that alone showcases the contributions he brings to the company. Being the most featured performer says a lot about his credibility as a main-event star.

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Furthermore, as well as being featured, he’s been considered one of the most protected stars in AEW based on his win-loss record. This year alone in 2020, Cody has an overwhelmingly winning record of 11 wins and only one loss.

From those wins, he’s gone on to defeat many top AEW performers such as Jake Hager, Darby Allin, and Lance Archer. As he continues to win matches on Dynamite, Cody is consistently wrestling almost every episode AEW has to offer.

Let’s not also forget that Cody has had stellar performances in the ring thus far in 2020. Almost every high-profile match he’s been a part of, Cody has been praised by critics for his performances in these very matches. Much like last year during 2019, as he’s also had stellar matches, Cody shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon regarding his ability.

Although Cody can’t challenge for the AEW World Heavyweight championship, as it was stipulated in his PPV against Jericho at Revolution, he’s at least arguably giving prestige to the TNT championship belt he won this very year. The TNT championship was heavily promoted by AEW, which allows potential stars to grow within the company. Especially those who aren’t necessarily in-line the Heavyweight championship.

However, regarding Cody and his current reign as the TNT champion, he not only elevated himself as a credible champion but also allows many AEW wrestlers to shine as well. Due to his open-challenge gimmick as the TNT champion, Cody’s use of the title is helping the rest of the AEW performers get better while continuing to make his television character interesting to fans as well.

Although Jon Moxley, who’s the current AEW World Heavyweight champion, is having an ecstatic year, some could say he’s a slight step below Cody in terms of who deserves an MVP award. That’s because Cody himself has been more a featured main-eventer while having just as much success as Moxley is.

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Though August is on the horizon and such AEW stars like Jon Moxley and MJF could wind up having the best years of their careers, Rhodes is arguably the one who deserves the MVP award of 2020 thus far.