WWE: Asuka should return to the Kana character

WWE, Asuka (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images)
WWE, Asuka (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images) /

Asuka haunted many foes as Kana and now its time to do the same in the WWE

Hurting Kairi Sane the way Bayley did is going to come at a cost. The Golden Role models hold all the women’s belts on the main roster and are sitting on the top of the world. Their biggest threat is yet to come. They may expect Asuka to seek revenge in some form, which is understandable. But they should be more concerned if Asuka’s loss transforms her from the character they know into one they have not seen. If no one is ready for Asuka, then there is no way they are ready for Kana.

Long before Asuka joined the WWE in 2015, she terrorized several Japan-based promotions under the gimmick known as Kana. During that time, she would transition to a horror-based character that is rarely seen in women’s divisions. What started out as simple face paint devolved into designs that mirrored clown or zombie-like images one would expect to see in horror movies like IT. If you think the way Finn Balor and Bray Wyatt use the Demon and Fiend gimmicks instill fear in their opponents, Kana fits right into that echelon.

Bayley and Sasha have it coming

The last that we saw Asuka was the last edition of Monday Night Raw. Sasha Banks and Bayley just escaped with her Raw women’s title, but that was the last thing on her mind. Sane, who was being written from television, was just attacked. Asuka stepped out of the trainer’s room and let out a rant unlike any we have seen her do. WWE tweeted that she will be on the upcoming episode of Raw to respond to the Golden Role Models, but that response should not be as standard as they come in the WWE.

When Asuka and Sane turned heel as the Kabuki Warriors in 2019, there were slight transitions in their character that would hit at Kana’s influence, most notably the green mist. That shift in character came after the simple desire to capture the WWE women’s tag team titles. Imagine what she is willing to do now that her best friend has been put out of action by the duo that is terrorized her the last few months. We saw what she was willing to do to Nia Jax after multiple matches where she battered Sane. Bayley should be expecting much worst from the former champion.

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WWE does not take many risks when it comes to some of the characters they present on television. They take even fewer risks when it comes to the women. Shifting Asuka’s character from what we know it as, to the frightening, Kana gimmick would be a breath of fresh air at a time when there is a need for it in the women’s division and WWE content.