WWE Raw: Miro’s diss of Shane McMahon’s return is the absolute truth

WWE, Shane McMahon (Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images)
WWE, Shane McMahon (Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images) /

Shane McMahon will make his return to WWE Raw on Aug. 3, and Miro, formerly Rusev in the company, had a sharp tweet on the news.

Rusev was over as hell in WWE, but the company failed to capitalize on him at multiple steps of the way. Now going by Miro, his next steps in wrestling are entirely unclear. The failure to jump on Miro as a star is one of many examples of the promotion’s issues with building new stars, which is now their goal on WWE Raw and SmackDown.

But they are still not quite measuring up. WWE’s ratings are declining sharply, there are rumors of backstage chaos nearly weekly, and the company fired Paul Heyman after he was supposed to help rebuild Raw’s star power.

So what is WWE’s response for Raw to help the ratings and build new stars? Announcing Shane McMahon’s return!

Now, many of us have a soft spot for Shane and did even enjoy him as a babyface authority figure on SmackDown. But the last we heard of him, he was a heel authority figure on SmackDown and a part of one of the worst heel runs in recent memory.

So naturally, Vince McMahon’s answer is to bring his son back…

And Miro had a short but wonderful response to it.

Yup, it does sum it up.

WWE, specifically Vince, seem to have lost touch on what they need to be doing to generate interest back into the product. Right now, women’s wrestling is carrying the company. Beyond Sasha Banks and Bayley having all the gold, the mid-card feuds, such as Sonya Deville vs. Mandy Rose and Shayna Baszler vs. Nia Jax, have huge potential. The intrigue around Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross after SmackDown is another major storyline.

So there are wrestlers who can be stars on this roster, including in the Men’s Division like Mustafa Ali, Chad Gable, and Apollo Crews. These are wrestlers who have often been neglected by Vince despite their prodigious talent.

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Miro knows. He’s been there. And he knows that bringing back Shane McMahon to try and pop the ratings isn’t any sort of a solution. The solution is to keep genuinely pushing great wrestlers and characters and to keep on investing in the likes of Naomi, Deville, Baszler, Ali, Crews, and Rose. And that’s just to name a handful of the wrestlers who are deserving of a major spotlight.