AEW: We are all ready for Scorpio Sky’s singles push

SCU, tag team comprised of Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky, make their entrance (photo courtesy of AEW)
SCU, tag team comprised of Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky, make their entrance (photo courtesy of AEW) /

Scorpio Sky continues to remind people that he’s ready for greatness and his time is now

Nearly one year since the start of All Elite Wrestling’s weekly television show, the promotion has put together some of the best wrestling content in the industry. Their secondary show, AEW Dark, is a testing ground of sort where individuals get time to shine there, that may not be available on Dynamite. One individual has thrived in that setting, even though he has been ready for the spotlight since day one. Scorpio Sky continues to standout among AEW’s roster and it is time for him to get the title push that is meant to come his way.

At some point, SCU made the correct decision to push Sky as a single’s competitor after he and Frankie Kazarian became the inaugural AEW tag team champions. That was a move that many saw coming, as he is the “freshest” face amongst the trio. But what was not expected was that said singles run would come almost exclusively on AEW Dark instead of transitioning him into something bigger on the main platform.

Walking out of the most recent edition of AEW Dark, Sky picked up another win over Will Hobbs increasing his 2020 record to 7-1. Even with such a great record, he some how remains unranked. While it is entertaining to see him defeating the lower-ranked wrestlers available on Dark, it would be a mistake to keep this charade going on for any longer than it is needed.

The King of AEW Dark

“They’ve been calling me the king of AEW Dark, like I’m supposed to be happy with that,” Sky said when he grabbed the microphone on Tuesday. “Y’all must have forgot who I am.”

It seems like AEW itself has forgotten how the wins and losses are supposed to matter in this organization. While they matter for some, there are few cases stronger than Sky’s that it is time for him to be used in a fashion beyond handily winning matches on Tuesdays. A man of his talents has so much to offer AEW at a time when wrestling fans are thirsting for fresh faces in the industry.

There are so many names that Sky can be paired with on AEW that would elevate his name immediately. Imagine Sky in singles matches against the likes of Jungle Boy, Rey Fenix, and Joey Janela. That is must-see TV. Plus, he could be in contention for either Cody’s or Jon Moxley’s titles sooner rather than later. The possibilities are there for AEW to take advantage of the way they should.

“Are you paying attention?”

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The answer to that question is yes. And it is time for AEW to start booking one of their most interesting talent in a way that means more than what he is doing on AEW Dark.