WWE: Triple Brand battle royal winner should come from NXT

WWE NXT, Tegan Nox Photo: WWE.com
WWE NXT, Tegan Nox Photo: WWE.com /

The Triple Brand battle royal winner needs to be one of the NXT ladies.

Battle royals can be considered a cheap way to find a top contender to a title when lack luster booking has not helped one rise to the top. The WWE Triple Brand battle royal is coming up with the prize being a shot at Bayley’s WWE SmackDown title at SummerSlam. Women from NXT, Raw and SmackDown will cast in their lot at a time where Bayley’s dominance has stood out as a moment of greatness. There is several names that could be slotted into this position to win the match, but gauging the current landscape that winner needs to come from the NXT brand.

At first glance the two biggest names that come to mind are Naomi and Bianca Belair. Both of those women are fan favorites with the potential to be breakout stars. Their fanbases are loud and demanding them to have an opportunity to be the main draw on either SmackDown or Raw. While those moments should come, winning the Triple Brand battle royal is not the moment for that to happen.

Why, you may ask? If Belair or Naomi win the battle royal there will be a major fan uprising to see them win the title at SummerSlam. That would be a major career milestone for either of them. But what would it do for one of the most interesting storylines in the WWE today?

The Golden Role Models have become the most important pairing in the WWE. Their presence demands attention, so much so that they were the catalyst that saw a brief but strong ratings swing on NXT when compared to the staunch competition on AEW Dynamite. Much of the draw around their pairing is the anticipation of when it will all combust in a feud around one of the main roster titles and losing the tag team belts. Taking that title off Bayley early at SummerSlam would hurt this storyline, and it is hard to see WWE Creative making that decision at this time. No one would want to see a short reign for either Naomi or Belair, which is why it is best to keep them out of the title match at this very moment.

The same could be said about Sonya Deville. WWE should not cool her off at this time as she’s quickly becoming one of the more interesting women on the roster.

Look to Tegan Nox or Shotzi Blackheart

However, that same level of expectation is not placed on someone such as Shotzi Blackheart or Tegan Nox. Blackheart and Nox are two of the more prominent babyfaces on the NXT women’s roster. Seeing either of them win the Triple Brand battle royal for a shot against Bayley not only briefly elevates their stock, but also gives WWE the excuse to bring Banks and Bayley back to NXT for one more ratings grab before SummerSlam. Cheap tactics, but WWE is never about the use of anything cheap.

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WWE is making the intentional move to build more women’s feuds to flesh out the roster chasing for the titles. The Triple Brand battle royal is a step to create another contender for Bayley, but fans should not expect that individual to win the title at this time. Not with the Golden Role Models flying so high. Tegan Nox or Shotzi Blackheart can win the event and take a loss at SummerSlam without having their stock hurt as much as some others. The right move to take is with either of them picking up the victory.