WWE: How on earth is Otis going to cash in with Roman Reigns back?

WWE, Otis, Mandy Rose (photo courtesy of WWE)
WWE, Otis, Mandy Rose (photo courtesy of WWE) /

WWE SmackDown’s male main event scene is now loaded with Roman Reigns back, and that’s not a good thing for Otis.

Poor Otis. The man won the WWE Money in the Bank briefcase earlier this year but has been an afterthought on weekly television since. Initially, the company teased a cash-in on Braun Strowman, due to Mandy Rose’s foresight, but that never materialized. And Otis has now become a bit player with the briefcase, with fans also wondering if anyone will actually cash-in in the crowdless era.

Perhaps the Thunderdome’s presence changes the odds of Otis cashing in over the next few months, but Roman Reigns’ return certainly didn’t help.

Why? Reigns is gunning for the Universal Championship he never lost. The Fiend Bray Wyatt won the Universal Title match in the main event of SummerSlam against Braun Strowman, but Reigns stole the show with an electrifying return, beating up both Wyatt and Strowman. The title is clearly in his not-too-distant future…

How on earth is Otis going to cash in on him? Even if Reigns somehow doesn’t win the title soon, he’d have to contend with cashing in on The Fiend or even Braun Strowman. The main event scene if filled with firepower, and the odds are stacked against Otis.

Could Otis lose the WWE MITB briefcase?

It’s going to get to the point where more and more people will start to wonder if Otis will lose the Money in the Bank briefcase. We’ve seen a lot of failed cash-ins among men’s winners recently. Baron Corbin lost the briefcase to Jinder Mahal, much to John Cena’s amusement. Braun Strowman himself lost the briefcase in an even worse manner, calling his shot against Brock Lesnar head of time.

Wrestling fans don’t want to see the same happen to Otis, but his potential as a beloved babyface seems to be waning. It’s possible he could cash in on the tag titles, which was a prevailing theory when he first won it. But Tucker and Otis haven’t been interacting as much recently, and it’s honestly hard seeing the briefcase being used on the tag titles, least of all with the dominant Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro having recently won the titles.

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Otis is clearly in a tough spot. The Fiend and Roman Reigns will own that Universal Title scene for the next several months as the two biggest male stars on SmackDown and two of the most popular stars in the company overall. Strowman, for the criticism he receives, isn’t far behind. So Otis, sadly, is, once again, by the wayside with the briefcase at his side. But with patience from WWE, maybe Otis will get his moment in 2021. It just isn’t happening this year.