WWE Raw: What if Ricochet joins the Hurt Business?

WWE, Ricochet (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images)
WWE, Ricochet (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images) /

MVP has been busy trying to recruit Cedric Alexander to the Hurt Business on WWE Raw, but what if another young star joins him instead?

Since returning to WWE Raw, MVP has been a huge part of the show, working alongside main event player Bobby Lashley and then recruiting another legend in Shelton Benjamin to his new stable. The Hurt Business, as they call themselves, are on the cusp of ruling over Monday nights, and they’re already making serious inroads on the new Raw Underground.

MVP is the leader of the group, and he’s always looking to recruit new faces to the team. He tried with Apollo Crews, but Apollo stood up to him and defeated him at SummerSlam in a United States Championship match. MVP briefly recruited Mustafa Ali, too, but he quickly gave up.

But there’s one wrestler MVP has consistently tried to recruit to his side – Cedric Alexander. The former face of 205 Live, Alexander has been tagging with Ricochet, and while the two have been as impressive as you’d expect inside the ring, Alexander’s had very limited success on WWE Raw. (Blame Vince McMahon for that).

His fortunes could easily change by joining the Hurt Business, and he has to seriously consider MVP’s offers. Alexander has been toiling away as a babyface, and the Hurt Business could offer him a serious opportunity to play to his potential.

But the same could be said for his tag team partner Ricochet.

Ricochet has a world of potential on WWE Raw

The One and Only, Ricochet is seen as a wrestler who has all the potential in the world to be a great babyface in WWE. His in-ring talents are the stuff of legend at this point, and while his promos are still a work in progress, the improvement is there.

To truly achieve his potential, though, Ricochet may need a new character. And not just a tweak, but a completely new character. Ricochet’s trajectory was altered when he was frustratingly squashed by Brock Lesnar in Saudi Arabia; it was one of those rare matches where facing Lesnar actually hurt a superstar.

Although Ricochet is still doing his best, he’s been given nothing to work with. Alexander is in the same boat, but at least the interactions with MVP have given him something to chew on. Ricochet is just another guy.

But imagine if Ricochet and Alexander started feuding with each other after Ricochet shockingly betrayed him, taking up MVP’s offer to make a name for himself. Imagine Ricochet getting opportunities with the Hurt Business as the electrifying cruiserweight of the group, holding the United States Championship and working his way back to the main event scene – not just a one-off squash loss.

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It’s something to think about, as MVP likes to say. Alexander is the most likely person to turn heel and join the Hurt Business, but don’t be surprised if Ricochet gives WWE fans a swerve.