Wrestling: Black Wrestlers Matter (Aug. 22, 2020) Review

Wrestling (Photo by Masashi Hara/Getty Images)
Wrestling (Photo by Masashi Hara/Getty Images) /

During a crowded weekend, Black Wrestlers Matter offered wrestling fans a unique experience that was desperately needed as the industry continues to evolve.

On Saturday night, Black Wrestlers Matter presented a collection of some of the most talented and exciting up-and-coming Black wrestlers in the US. The show had a tough task ahead of it, because it was sandwiched between a special presentation of AEW Dynamite and NXT TakeOver: XXX.

Nevertheless, Black Wrestlers Matter managed to deliver a distinct indie wrestling show that stood apart from the crowd. Viewers rarely see a wrestling event with so many Black performers on the card, so it immediately looked different.  The commentary team of Christopher Dixon, Desmond BC Bailey, and Darian Bengston also offered an unapologetically Black voice to the show. Their play-by-play and color commentary was one of the highlights of the night.

Unfortunately, there were a few streaming and sound issues for those watching at home but it didn’t take away from an overall great show. In the dark matches, SK Bishop defeated Ty Ray and De’Lorian Diggs won the #ForTheCulture Battle Royal.

Jah-C vs. Air Wolf

The show got off to a strong start with an excellent display of traditional wrestling storytelling. “The Frontman” Jah-C cut a promo before the opening match and acted as an antagonist against the crowd favorite, Air Wolf. Air Wolf showed off his athleticism and deft but “The Frontman” targeted his leg early when he got caught in the turnbuckle. Still, the scrappy underdog survived everything Jah-C threw at him until he finished him with a DDT onto the bottom turnbuckle. Air Wolf took a lot of punishment but he looked phenomenal throughout the match. Afterward, Jah-C hit him with a final superkick as a parting gift before Angel Dorado ran him off. The Frontman’s heel work really shined in a fantastic opener that kind of stole the show.

Result: Jah-C def. Air Wolf

Mojo McQueen vs. Isaiah Broner w/ Damian Tyler

Next, Isaiah Broner took on “The Voodoo King” Mojo McQueen. Wrestling fans have often seen big athletic Black men or hoss fights. However, we rarely get to see two Black men in a hoss fight like this. We also don’t see that many supernatural Black characters in wrestling.

To that end, “The Voodo King” was cool without coming off hokey. This match was also exceptional because both McQueen and Broner actually wrestled like big men. There weren’t any move you would expect to see from a cruiserweight. This was just two massive guys going at it. Broner managed to hit his opponent with a Super German Suplex but McQueen eventually secured the win with his finisher, Spellbound.

Result: Mojo McQueen def. Isaiah Broner

Faye Jackson vs. Devon Monroe w/ Sonny Kiss

Coming into the event, Faye Jackson and “Black Sexcellence” Devon Monroe were too of the hottest names on the card. Jackson has made a name for herself with several outrageous and highly entertaining indie wrestling matches. Meanwhile, Monroe is quickly creating buzz out in Minneapolis.

Straight away, it was refreshing to see such positive representation for Black gay men at the show as Monroe and AEW’s Sonny Kiss came out to the ring together to favorable reception. The match itself was fun. If comedy matches aren’t your thing, it might not go over as well but there was plenty of character work. Both competitors were extremely charismatic. In the end, Monroe withstood a cannonball senton in the corner to win with a beautiful Swinging Fisherman Neckbreaker.

Result: Devon Monroe def. Faye Jackson

Angel Dorado vs. Stephen Wolf vs. Shane Foster vs. Kal Creed

This fatal four-way was full of young and talented wrestlers who will no doubt land somewhere. Dorado, who showed up earlier to help out Air Wolf, was a standout performer throughout. However, Native American wrestler, Stephen Wolf, was also impressive. At one point, he hit Dorado with a nimble powerslam. Then, he executed an ex-plex and followed it up with an awesome standing Shooting Star Press. Foster and Creed also looked great but Dorado ultimately picked up the win.

Result: Angel Dorado def. Kal Creed and Shane Foster and Stephen Wolf

Alpha Omega vs. Technical Difficulties

Next, the first-time team of Technical Difficulties, Moses and Rahim De La Suede, took on the seasoned Alpha Omega, Camaro Jackson, and Kenny Alfonso. Alpha Omega showed off some dynamic tandem offense but Technical Difficulties held their own. They weren’t as experienced as a tag team but their amateur wrestling background kept them in the match. Still, Alpha Omega defeated them with a nice stunner and shining wizard combo.

Result: Alpha Omega def. Technical Difficulties

Mike Outlaw vs. Jon West

The founder of Black Wrestling Matter, Jon West, took on Mike Outlaw from St. Louis. West looked to test himself against someone as highly touted as Outlaw and this was certainly a challenge. “American Fury” gave as well as he took and he briefly looked like he might win. However, Outlaw narrowly escaped with roll-up to win via pinfall. This matchup definitely deserves a rematch somewhere down the line.

Result: Mike Outlaw def. Jon West

Brooke Valentine vs. Joseline Navarro vs. Seishin

In the penultimate match of the night, Brooke Valentine took on Joseline Navarro, and “The Blue Dragon” Seishin. These three women couldn’t have been any different. Honestly, that was a reoccurring theme throughout the show. Black Wrestler Matter succeeded in highlighting just how many nuanced Black characters there are on the indie scene right now. “Queen Bee” dominated for most of this match but Seishin pulled off some excellent stikes, as well. It wasn’t as enough though as Valentine flattened her with a spear to win via pinfall.

Brooke Valentine def. Joseline Navarro and Seishin


The main event of Black Wrestlers Matter was special. ACH received a hero’s welcome complete with a musical performance that added to the big fight feel. On the other side of the ring, relative newcomer, JDX, came with an aura of confidence to him that made it easy to root for him. Once the fight got underway, ACH showed that he may have underestimated his opponent. He looked just as impressive as usual but he was cocky and careless at times. In response, “The Real McCoy” took the fight to him both inside and outside the ring. In the closing sequence, he hit him with ACH a string of kicks and big moves to upset the first-ever NXT Breakout Tournament winner.

Result: JDX def. ACH

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There was clearly a concerted effort to put over lesser-known names all night but the main event proved that that was the immediate goal. There were so many wrestlers on this card who should end up at a major promotion. The future is bright for Black wrestlers, and it was a joy to see so many of them at the same event.