WWE Rumors: The world title plan for Clash of Champions 2020

WWE WrestleMania, Drew McIntyre (photo courtesy of WWE)
WWE WrestleMania, Drew McIntyre (photo courtesy of WWE) /

WWE Clash of Champions 2020 will take place after Payback, so what will be the plan for Raw’s top men’s title?

It seemed like Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton would have a rematch for the WWE Championship at Payback on Sunday after McIntyre rolled up Orton at SummerSlam. But Vince McMahon threw a good swerve at the fans, writing in the called-up Keith Lee as Orton’s opponent for Payback.

Even though McIntyre doesn’t have a rematch against Orton at Payback, his path to retaining the WWE Championship still runs through Orton. The Viper punted him THREE times on the Raw after SummerSlam, making it clear that the Lee vs. Orton match is something of a contender’s match for the WWE Title.

According to a report from WrestlingNews.Co’s Paul Davis, WWE is currently planning on having Drew McIntyre face Randy Orton in a WWE Title match at Clash of Champions 2020 on Sept. 27.

It’s clear that McIntyre and Orton will have another match with a finisher ending it, and it’s logical to think that Orton will have his hand raised. But anything can happen.

Since Lee vs. Orton is taking place at Payback, it’s also possible the match at Clash of Champions involving McIntyre and Orton isn’t a singles match. Lee is ready to become one of the top stars on Monday Night Raw, as it’s a huge deal for him to be in a feud with Orton immediately. So it would be wise for Lee to defeat Orton at Payback.

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But it all ultimately seems like WWE is setting up Orton to win the title. He’s been the top male heel in the company in 2020, with many fans recognizing his work as standing out from the rest on Monday Night Raw. McIntyre has been a great champion, but if his reign has to end at Clash of Champions to kick off the Fall season, then Orton looks like the best choice.