AEW: ‘The Cleaner’ needs to make his appearance known

Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega stare each other down on the Oct. 16, 2019 edition of AEW Dynamite. Photo: Lee South/AEW
Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega stare each other down on the Oct. 16, 2019 edition of AEW Dynamite. Photo: Lee South/AEW /

Kenny Omega should be the man that eventually takes the AEW championship off of Jon Moxley.

Jon Moxley is scheduled to defend his belt against MJF on September 5 at AEW All Out. This is a big match up as it is a title defense that comes against an opponent in MJF that has received a strong push from the promotion. Debates about whether MJF is the man to take that belt off Moxley continue, but there is no definitive answer. However, is MJF does fail, there is an individual on the roster who should be tabbed as the ultimate foil to Moxley and that would mean the return of “The Cleaner,” Kenny Omega.

At first glance the thought of Omega being the man to take the title off Moxley is a far-off thought. He is embroiled in his own developments as one-half of the tag team champions. There is no telling how things will end up with Adam Page either. Page is heading toward a showdown with Matt and Nick Jackson, that could destroy the very foundation of the Elite. But that is where this gets interested, as it could be Omega, and not Page that breaks things apart.

Omega has already shown an increasing penchant for violence that is revealing a hint of frustration with everything that is going on in the Elite. Imagine if that comes through with him being the one to turn on Page and the Bucks. It may seem like a long shot of sorts, but that is what is so interesting about AEW’s storytelling because there is no single, predictable path for it to finish.

Moxley and Omega already have a history that is not quite complete. They battled at AEW Full Gear in 2019 in a Lights Out match where Moxley saw his hand raised after a violent contest. However, since that was an unsanctioned match imagine a heel Omega using that to his advantage, claiming that it does not count on the record books. “The Cleaner” was a master of manipulation and he could play the type of mind games with Moxley that would easily rile up the champion.

The lone critique about Moxley’s title run is that everyone he defeats is immediately shuffled to the mid-card. Brian Cage, Brodie Lee and Jake Hager are the main opponents that Moxley’s faced at this point in his title run. Each one of them were regulated down a step when they lost to the champion, a consequence of them not having a proper buildup to that point. This is what is different with Omega. His run as tag team champion and the fallout from that would be enough if he were to find himself into a position facing the champion. Omega would not need the long buildup, nor would he be someone that suffers from an immediate loss if that were to happen.

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Jon Moxley’s title run is facing a serious threat in MJF at AEW All Out. If Moxley finds a way to get through that match, then his next opponent needs to be Kenny Omega. Moxley versus Omega is the angle that could see that belt removed from his waist and build an engaging storyline that would run for an extended period.