Impact Wrestling 9/1/2020 Results and Grades: New World Champion?!

IMPACT Wrestling Image provided by IMPACT/AXS
IMPACT Wrestling Image provided by IMPACT/AXS /

The full results and grades from Impact Wrestling tonight.

Impact Wrestling returned to AXS and Twitch on Tuesday following up a truly impressive two-week card for their emergence event. They had large shoes to fill, Coming off the heels of the first Knockouts Iron Man match in the history of the company that saw Jordynne Grace fall to the “Virtuosa” Deonna Purrazzo.

Sammi Callihan vs. Rob Van Dam

Result: Callihan pins RVD

Grade: D

This week kicked off with Sami Callihan and RVD facing off in a hard-hitting match. RVD is clearly not the same man that he was in ECW or even during his WWE reign. But really who can still work the same style they did 20 plus years ago? Following the match, Katie Forbes and RVD took turns beating down Sami utilizing a steel chair.

Homicide Skit

After the Sami and RVD match, we were treated to another backstage skit with Homicide running his arm-wrestling racket. This time his target was Fallah Bah. Homicide beats Fallah easily and claims the pot commenting that “It better not be pesos.” Fallah then begins to explain that American Samoa is not in Mexico and does not use pesos and Homicide waves him off.

Then as he exits Homicides enforcers, the Reno Scum, come in and let him know that Heath is not in the building ahead of their 2 on 1 match with RHYNO later tonight. They also say that if they beat RHYNO tonight they don’t just want some of his winnings, they want all of it.

Grade: B

This was a legitimately fun skit. Fallah and Homicide have great comedic timing.

Wrestle House Segment

The wrestle house segment flips between three perspectives in the confessional as Rosemary, Taya, and John E. all reflect on the drama that plagued the house last week with John E’s expression of his feelings for Rosemary. After the opening moments, we are treated to the fall out of last week’s match where Crazy Steve and Johnny Swinger competed in a blindfold match. The loser of which would have to wear the other gear. Swinger lost and was embarrassed about his gear. Kylie Rae helped him come out by convincing him that no one would make fun of him. Then Tommy Dreamer approached John E. and let him know that he would be the special guest referee for the match over who got to keep him in their lives between Rosemary and Taya.

Grade: B-

This angle is the only good thing about Wrestle House honestly. Because it feels like it will actually have repercussions once the Wrestle House experiment has concluded. Plus Rosemary and Taya are both legitimately talented wrestlers. They should put together a decent match.

Rhyno vs. Reno Scum

Result: Rhyno pins Adam Thornstowe after a run-in by Heath

Grade: D

Heath’s run in saved this match honestly. I dig RHYNO and Reno Scum are talented but this match just couldn’t draw me in. But heath posing as a camera operator popped me.

Moose/EC3 Skit

Moose is alone in his dressing room when EC3 appears on his screen telling him that if he does not want to fight for the title it will be sent back to him piece by piece. Moose ran out of his room and grabbed a random guy telling him to call the police. The unnamed person told him that EC3 was outside the building then when Moose ran off he took off his jacket revealing an EC3 shirt. Could this be teasing a possible cult leader gimmick for EC3?

Grade: B

Good Brothers/Rascalz Skit

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are holding court backstage telling a story from WrestleMania in New Orleans where Luke fell asleep standing up in a bar. The Rascalz enter and mention that they are facing off against Ace and Mad Man Fulton tonight. Gallows mentions that they kicked their asses easily and would be happy to give the Rascalz any pointers if they need them. This seemed to rub the Rascalz the wrong way. It seems that the Rascalz might be the next feud in Impact Wrestling for the Good Brothers.

Grade: C

Wrestle House Skit 2

Larry D is in the fridge when the Deaner’s approach asking him if he’s looking for more beer. They then accuse him again of stealing their beer. This leads Larry D to break team XXXL’s truce with the Deaners and both teams begin brawling across the house. Aside from a brief moment where Cody and Acey Romero play a nice game of ping pong. This felt like it went on forever. But was only a 6 or 7-minute segment. IT wasn’t the worst in terms of comedy matches but I could have done with it being 4 to 5 minutes shorter. Suzie was declared the winner of the match after leaving the room covered in blood. So I guess she murdered everyone?

Grade: F

Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs. The Rascalz (Dez & Wentz)

Result: Dez pins Ace Austin
Grade: B

Both of these teams are so talented. This match served as a wonderful display of just how freaky strong Madman Fulton is. He bore the brunt of this match of his team before being spilled to the outside allowing Dez to put some work in on Ace and secure the pin. Following the match, the Motor City Machine Guns came down to the ramp and challenged The Rascalz to a rematch for the Impact Tag Team Titles next week.

Deonna Purrazzo Skit

Deonna Purrazzo is walking backstage ahead of her “Black Tie Event” and is upset about what people are planning on wearing. She then sees the recently signed Kimber Lee and offers that Kimber join forces with her and back her up in the ring. It seems that the Knockouts Champion is building herself a bit of a stable.

Grade: C

Rohit/TJP Skit

Rohit Raju is polishing his X Division title when TJP enters and asks for a shot at his title. Rohit offers TJP a mask because safety first, presumably poking fun at TJP’s laughably bad takes about COVID that he has been sharing on twitter recently. Rohit informs TJP that the first shot at the title actually belongs to Alex Shelley, a former X Division and current Tag Team champion.

Taya Valkyrie vs. Rosemary

Result: Taya pins Rosemary

Grade: B

This match got off to a blistering pace as Taya just beat the snot out of Rosemary never really letting her get any offense in before pinning her in the center of the ring. After the match, John E. proposes to Rosemary, to which she responds “You know I’m a demon right?” and John E. assures her that he does and, “That’s what I love about you.” After she accepts his proposal Taya announces that they can now leave the Wrestle House and return to the Impact Zone. Wrestle House is finally over.

Deonna Purrazzo’s Black Tie Affair

The segment opens with Kimber Lee alone in the ring addressing the locker room. So it seems she took Deonna up on her offer. Kimber introduces Deonna calling her “The most talented technical wrestler in the history of Impact Wrestling.” Deonna looks very uncomfortable being around the others in the locker room and takes a moment to settle herself before delivering a promo that boils down to her being considered an artist on par with Michelangelo and Donatello. She finishes her promo just as Jordynne comes down to the ring telling her to, “Enjoy your title reign while it lasts.”

She is then interrupted by the returning Tennille Dashwood who has not been seen on Impact Wrestling since July. All three women are in a shouting match when the members of the wrestle house end up in the ring. Deonna Purrazzo attempts to take out Kylie Rae but Rae is able to duck out of the way before super kicking Kimber Lee. Just a reminder that Kylie Rae actually won the number one contendership for the Knockouts Title in a Wrestle House match against Taya Valkyrie several weeks ago.

Grade: B

Impact continues to prove that they have one of the best Women’s division’s in the world right now. Deonna Purrazzo, Jordynne Grace, Kylie Rae, and Tenille Dashwood will have a feud for months to come.

Brian Myers Promo

Myers’ promo is interrupted as he is explaining how he will give Willie Mack the opportunity to shake his hand next week by Moose. Moose is still looking for EC3. The promo is then cut short to go to the main event of the evening. Causing Meyers to throw a fit backstage.

Grade: C

Eddie Edwards vs. Eric Young for Impact World Heavyweight Title

Result: Eric Young pins Eddie Edwards [TITLE CHANGE]

Grade: A-

Eric Young came into this match with a game plan. Focusing early and often on Eddie Edwards neck trying to weaken him up for his signature Pile Driver. Eddie came back for a while knocking Eric back on his heels. The pair traded momentum back and forth several more times over the course of the match. Until Eric Young was able to slam his mask into the skull of Eddie Edwards leaving him vulnerable to a Pile Driver from Young and allowing him to secure the pin for the title.

Following the match, Young attacked the right leg and knee of Eddie Edwards much as he did to Rich Swann at Slammiversary.

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Moose skit

This episode of Impact ended with Moose finding EC3’s lockerroom which is covered in pictures of Moose including a map with all of his frequently visited locations marked on it as well as one location that was circled and stabbed with a buck knife. Moose grabbed the map and destroyed the room revealing four sheets of paper nailed to the wall that read. “You Have Been Warned.”