WWE: 5 must-see dream rivalries we need for Dominik Mysterio

WWE, Rey Mysterio, Dominik Mysterio (Photo by Andy Hayt/SanDiego Padres/Getty Images)
WWE, Rey Mysterio, Dominik Mysterio (Photo by Andy Hayt/SanDiego Padres/Getty Images) /

Dominik Mysterio already feels like a natural at only 23 years old, but which dream rivalries can we hope to see from him in WWE?

Dominik Mysterio made his in-ring debut at WWE SummerSlam 2020, and he’s currently got just four matches under his belt. Even with that small sample size, it’s already clear that Dominik is an absolute natural who can be an asset to WWE for years if not decades to come.

Of his four matches so far, all four have involved Seth Rollins and have only given us a taste of what could be to come from Dominik Mysterio in the coming months and years. There’s no doubt that, though he’s only 23 years old, Dominik has already internalized so much just by growing up around legends like his father Rey Mysterio.

With his lengthy future in mind, let’s take a look at five dream rivalries we absolutely need to see from Dominik Mysterio at some point down the road.

Daniel Bryan

Dominik Mysterio already has a firm grasp on the nature of in-ring action and feels very fluid despite his relative inexperience. Meanwhile, Daniel Bryan is arguably the greatest wrestler alive today. When it comes to in-ring prowess from bell to bell, Bryan feels legitimately untouchable even when compared to some of the greats all around the industry.

Before Bryan finally decides to hang up the boots, we need to see him step in the ring with Dominik Mysterio. Even if it comes early in Dominik’s career, as he’s far from his prime, the opportunity is too good to pass up. On top of the joy that’ll come from watching, perhaps no one in WWE could teach Dominik Mysterio more about technical wrestling than Daniel Bryan.

Shinsuke Nakamura

One of the unique things about Dominik Mysterio is that, because he is so fresh, his style currently feels very natural and very reminiscent of the lucha libre he’s surely spent much of his life watching and hoping to emulate. Meanwhile, Shinsuke Nakamura may have the most unique style in all of WWE and one of the most unorthodox in-ring styles in the industry.

If WWE let go of themselves long enough to let Shinsuke Nakamura and Dominik Mysterio go half an hour without too much guidance, we could have a recipe for an instant classic. Shinsuke Nakamura’s best match since arriving in WWE is still his debut against Sami Zayn at NXT TakeOver: Dallas, and providing these two that same kind of freedom could give fans a match we’d never forget.

Roman Reigns

Just on paper, Dominik Mysterio vs. Roman Reigns feels like a fever dream few could’ve imagined only a year or two ago. On top of that, Roman Reigns feels more dangerous than ever since returning and aligning himself with Paul Heyman before recapturing the Universal Championship he never lost.

Roman Reigns and Dominik Mysterio have both grown up around the wrestling industry, but they’re still very different people with very different styles. Seeing Dominik Mysterio try to out-quick the power of and dominance of Roman Reigns could call back Rey Mysterio’s epic friendship turned rivalry with Batista.

Samoa Joe

Few wrestlers bring the kind of intensity Samoa Joe has to every single thing they do, and it’s that intensity that would make him feuding with Dominik Mysterio such a sight to behold. Even with the physicality he’s endured so far, Dominik still feels a bit timid, and being baptized by fire in the ring and on the microphone against Samoa Joe would surely help unleash some of his potential.

Joe also has a history with Rey Mysterio, and a history terrorizing families, that could make the intricacies of this rivalry more and more fascinating as it gets increasingly personal. Samoa Joe, like Daniel Bryan, doesn’t have a decade left on his career, and so this is a matchup we need sooner rather than later.

Sasha Banks

My final choice is going to feel the most outside the box, and that’s because WWE rarely ever gives us a glimpse of the magic that intergender wrestling can become. If there’s any woman in WWE that feels like a dream rivalry for Dominik Mysterio, it’s undoubtedly Sasha Banks.

Just on paper, it’s easy to imagine how fascinating it would be to watch their styles come together inside the squared circle. On top of that, Sasha Banks has grown up idolizing and drawing inspiration from Eddie Guerrero.

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Though Dominik’s real-life father and the man he was raised by is Rey Mysterio, SummerSlam 2005 showed us that Eddie Guerrero is Dominik Mysterio’s real “papi” in WWE canon. Seeing Dominik Mysterio and Sasha Banks go at it would be nothing short of mesmerizing.