Raw Underground: Braun Strowman vs. Dabba-Kato mostly hype

WWE (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
WWE (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) /

It was the “Battle of the Behemoths” on Raw Underground this week as Braun Strowman broke the undefeated streak of Dabba-Kato.

Braun Strowman vs. Dabba-Kato was very different than expected on Raw Underground this week. Strowman chose to do more grappling at first than going for any power slams and punches.

Then again, Dabba-Kato clears six feet and is more than 400 pounds, so a new strategy was indeed needed.  The match was not stalled, but was very strategic between the two men as they worked to position themselves for a knockout blow.

After Strowman got Kato on the mat for a few holds both men ended up outside the ring for a few seconds. The match concluded with Strowman landing a  knockout punch that sent Kato back to the mat unable to defend himself against Strowman, giving the “Monster Among Men” the win.

This match was booked as a result of Strowman’s tear through the Underground last week, which ended with him and Kato in a staredown. Strowman vs. Kato was hyped further on The Kevin Owens Show this week, a rare move by Shane McMahon who also was Owens’ guest.

It’s rare because most Raw Underground matches don’t get MNR hype. Shane was so excited about the match he brought  Kato to meet Owens to hype the match further. Owens faced Kato’s wrath during his match against Aleister Black on the Sept. 7 Raw Underground segment.  The match spilled out the ring near Kato, and Owens shoved him out the way to get to Black. Kata didn’t take that well. As a result, both Owens and Black were slammed to the mat by Kato.

The history between McMahon and Owens is not good, and it was obvious they prepared for each other. Just as Shane called down Kato, Owens called out Strowman.

Raw Underground: Was Strowman vs. Kato all hype?

Overall, the match wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t what was expected. Both men are known power fighters, and what viewers got was a short grapple and a few hard punches. In comparison to the Owens/Black Underground match that lasted most of Raw Underground Sept. 7th, I’m amiss as to why they didn’t give this match that type of time to develop.

Would both men have lasted that long? Could they? Who knows. Hyping this match and then only getting a few punches and holds will leave viewers suspcious the next time Shane books a Raw Underground match.  It seems that keeping viewers the entire Third hour was the only priority and this so-called “Main Event” was the best they could do, and that’s a shame, and a sham. If we are to get a Strowman vs. Kato II in the future, WWE has to sell a better match.

Also in action:

  • Dolph Ziggler faced off against Arturo Ruas which resulted in a Ziggler win.  Ziggler steered clear of Ruas’ powerful roundhouse kicks to land a submission hold for the win.
  • Riddick Moss faced Erik of the Viking Raiders as the second match in the Underground Monday night with Moss getting the surprising win landing a knockout punch.

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