Alexa Bliss loses it, is now completely on the Fiend’s side (Video)

WWE, Alexa Bliss (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images For dcp)
WWE, Alexa Bliss (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images For dcp) /

Alexa Bliss has been changed by the Fiend, and there’s no turning back now.

Over the past couple of weeks, WWE fans have been wondering when Alexa Bliss will officially align with the Fiend.

She first showed up as a hologram in the Wyatt Swamp Fight. Then, she was attacked in the main event of SmackDown after her best friend and tag team partner Nikki Cross shoved her to the ground following a SmackDown Women’s Title defeat to Bayley.

Bliss slowly started to show signs of changing during the rivalry between Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt. Cross, for example, noticed Bliss braiding her hair like the Fiend, and she snapped in anger, throwing a coffee mug, when Cross brought this up.

Then, Bliss started using Sister Abigail, hitting Lacey Evans with the move on the outside last week on SmackDown.

Alexa Bliss has completely changed

This week, she did it again. Bliss had a match with Evans on SmackDown that was a DQ because the Fiend’s theme played, the lights changed, and Bliss absolutely lost it. She was changed by the Fiend – possessed, even. She stomped the lights out of Evans and then hit her with Sister Abigail on the outside.

Afterward, Bliss was almost foaming at the mouth, and she walked up the ramp with a completely different look and expression to her. This was not the same Alexa Bliss who entered the match at all. When the Fiend showed up on the titantron, Bliss’ demeanor completely changed.

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It’s easy to see that Bliss is now aligned with the Fiend and fully into this heel character. She has been changed by Wyatt’s character, and now WWE fans are curious to see how she will interfere at WWE Clash of Champions 2020 in Nikki Cross’ SmackDown Women’s Title match with Bayley. That could lead to a huge program between the two of them.