WWE Draft 2020: Full ten-round mock draft prediction including both nights

WWE Draft Photo: WWE.com
WWE Draft Photo: WWE.com /
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WWE Draft
WWE Draft Image: WWE.com /

With the 2020 WWE Draft coming on October 9 and October 12, we’ve predicted every choice in this ten-round mock draft that could reshape the WWE landscape.

It was finally confirmed at WWE Clash of Champions 2020 that the annual WWE Draft is returning. The 2020 WWE Draft is set to begin on the October 9th episode of SmackDown and conclude just days later during the October 12th episode of WWE Raw.

While more details about the 2020 WWE Draft are scarce at the moment, we can look back at the 2016 and 2019 WWE Draft to get a good idea of exactly how the event might work this year. The rules for the WWE Draft in 2019 were as follows:

  • Up to 30 picks were allotted on the October 11 SmackDown, while up to 41 picks were allotted on the October 14 Raw.
  • For every two draft picks for SmackDown, Raw received three picks (due to SmackDown being a two-hour show, while Raw is three hours).
  • Tag teams counted as one pick unless FOX or USA specifically only wanted a single member from the team as their pick.
  • Any undrafted wrestlers became free agents and could sign with the brand of their choosing.

It’s also worth noting that the format played out with multiple five-pick rounds. In both 2016 and 2019, the rounds had Raw going first and played out in a Raw-SmackDown-Raw-SmackDown-Raw pattern for each five-pick round.

Considering Raw has a history of getting the first pick, it seems fair to change that up this year with SmackDown going first. To keep the balance of SmackDown receiving two picks for every three picks that Raw makes, this can shift to a SmackDown-Raw-SmackDown-Raw-Raw pattern for each round.

At first glance that may seem to throw off the balance, as Raw gets two consecutive picks at the end of each round, but this isn’t any different than previous years where Raw got the last pick of a round and then the first pick of the next round. This simply shifts SmackDown to the front, and keeps the rest of the pattern the same throughout.

The 2016 WWE Draft took place all in one night with six rounds of selections, and all further rounds and selections were made on the WWE Network. Since WWE has already announced it as a two-night event, this will probably go more like last year’s 2019 WWE Draft.

The 2019 WWE Draft started on an episode of SmackDown and concluded on the following episode of WWE Raw. It had four rounds during SmackDown, and a subsequent six rounds taking place on WWE Raw. In order to be sure all of the most valued picks weren’t taken in the first night, WWE divided up the roster into two separate Draft Pools, one for each night.