WWE Draft: Time to kick Baron Corbin’s career into high gear

WWE, King Corbin Credit: WWE.com
WWE, King Corbin Credit: WWE.com /

If there is one SuperStar who can benefit the most from a change of scenery in the upcoming draft, it’s Baron Corbin. WWE needs to send The King over to Raw and give him the Roman Reigns treatment.

The annual WWE Draft is nearly upon us. It’s an exciting time as the reshuffling of rosters brings with it the anticipation of new feuds, fresh match-ups, and new beginnings. If any one brand is in dire need of a shake up it’s Monday Night Raw, and if any one Superstar is in need of a fresh start it’s Baron Corbin. That’s why he is absolutely the one wrestler who HAS to change brands in the upcoming draft.

By the way, you’ll notice I said Baron Corbin and not King Corbin. That was no accident, simply a prelude to the point of this piece. Baron Corbin has all the talent and tools to be the top heel in WWE. All the company has to do is let him loose.

You may not realize it or may not want to realize it, but Baron Corbin is the complete package. He has size, strength, speed, athleticism, and the single most dominating move set in the entire company. That includes the most protected finisher in the business. No one has ever kicked out of The End of Days. Late last year I had the pleasure of interviewing The King and I can tell you he is very well aware that his finishing maneuver is special.

Corbin wants the moment someone finally kicks out of The End of Days to be one of the biggest shock moments in WWE history. I’m sorry to say, that’s never going to happen the way he’s being booked. A majority of the audience doesn’t even realize how dominate that move is, because King Corbin isn’t winning matches. His victory over Matt Riddle last Friday was just his third singles win of 2020 and his first over someone other than Drew Gulak.

This is the man who won the King of the Ring last year. Which to date, is his biggest problem. The King of the Ring Tournament brings the winner one of two paths. A push to the top of the card and future World Title opportunities, or a new wardrobe. We all know which path King Corbin ended up going down.

Baron Corbin is heading backwards in WWE as ‘King Corbin’

In fact, King Corbin is stuck in reverse. He went from competing against Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship, to winning King of the Ring, to whatever that dog food bit was with Roman Reigns, to entering the month of October with his worst winning percentage of all time.

Baron Corbin has been walking around for over a year now wearing a crown and a cape. He’s all talk, no substance, and very little action. He’s either afraid to fight his opponents or is reluctantly thrust into a battle only to come out on the losing end. Can you imagine? Having a 6’8″ 285lbs former Golden Gloves Boxing Champ and thinking the best routine for him is ducking his opponents? Seriously, how did we get here? I’m not sure, but it’s time to fix it.

His feud with Matt Riddle appears to be over and so should Baron Corbin’s tenure on SmackDown. Whether it happens on the first or second night, Corbin should be drafted over to Raw and immediately taken off television.

That may seem like an odd strategy, but it’s absolutely necessary to give the audience time to essentially forget about King Corbin. That is until the new and improved Baron Corbin re-debuts just in time for WrestleMania season.

Forget the crown, forget the cape, forget the cheesy dialogue, and the phony unwarranted machismo. I want to see what Baron Corbin can do with the Roman Reigns treatment. I’m not saying he needs to be paired with Paul Heyman, but the Big Dog’s new attitude would suit Corbin extremely well.

Corbin reminded us just how talented he is in the ring this past Friday when he and Matt Riddle had, arguably, the match of the night on SmackDown. We also know that the audience loves to hate this man, despite whether you consider it the “right” kind of heat or not. He has everything he needs to be successful, but in a world where believability is everything, no one in the WWE Universe believes in King Corbin – except for maybe myself. I believe in Baron Corbin.

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Now granted, I’m not backstage. I’m not in the trenches so to speak. Maybe Baron Corbin is extremely happy in his role at The King of SmackDown. If that’s the case, then more power him. My hope though, is that in the early part of next year Corbin is just dominating Monday Night Raw in that strong confident heel role, I believe to be, tailor-made for him. Maybe this time next year I’ll be writing about WWE Champion Baron Corbin. What a glorious day that will be.