WWE Draft 2020: 5 possible sleeper picks

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WWE, Jinder Mahal
WWE, Jinder Mahal (Photo by Robert Marquardt/Getty Images) /

Jinder Mahal should not be forgotten during the WWE Draft

The Modern Day Maharaja, Jinder Mahal is a former WWE Champion, United States Champion, and 24/7 Champion. Mahal stepped up his game during his world title run, putting over AJ Styles in a great television match on SmackDown in Manchester. And he seemed to be poised for another world title opportunity against former teammate Drew McIntyre on Raw, but another knee injury has sidelined him.

Injured superstars often make the best sleeper picks. Mahal isn’t forgotten, but he’s flying under the radar since he isn’t on television. But you can’t forget that Mahal could have a compelling world title program against either champion. He’s won the gold in WWE before, which means he has immediate credibility. And in the time that has passed since his world title reign, he’s actually received even more respect from wrestling fans.

Dana Brooke could be a great late-round WWE Draft pickup

Dana Brooke has been one of the most underrated wrestlers in WWE for the past couple of years, and she’s been overdue for a big storyline. Any time she gets put in a major spot, such as when she was asked to sell for Ronda Rousey early in 2019, she delivers.

A wrestler who puts her heart into everything she does, Brooke is one of the best athletes in the company. An accomplished bodybuilder, Brooke’s move-set is highly acrobatic and makes her an easy babyface.

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Moreover, Brooke shines in tag team matches, showing off her tag team ability earlier this year in matches against Sasha Banks and Bayley. She’s ably teamed up with multiple wrestlers this year. Brooke could be a great tag team wrestler or a future singles star for whichever brand that takes a flier on her.