WWE Raw Predictions: Bray Wyatt Will Make A Huge Revelation

WWE Hell in a Cell Credit: WWE.com
WWE Hell in a Cell Credit: WWE.com /
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WWE, Keith Lee
WWE superstar Keith Lee smiles during video feature (photo courtesy of WWE) /

5.) Keith Lee vs. Andrade [Grudge Match]

On last week’s WWE Raw, Keith Lee defeated Andrade after Andrade belligerently announced that Zelina Vega is nothing without him and that Angel Garza was always the weak link of their team. Since rematches are a common theme in WWE nowadays, expect Keith Lee to defeat Andrade again just to fill up time in the show. Hopefully, this match goes on longer than last week’s.

Nonetheless, the booking of Keith Lee has been unpardonable. First, he was booked as a transitional stepping stone in the WWE Championship feud between Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton, and the WWE went nowhere with it. Now, he is booked as the same in a tag team break-up storyline between Andrade and Angel Garza? Pathetic.

Here’s an idea: Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Randy Orton vs. Keith Lee for the WWE Championship inside Hell in a Cell. Considering that Orton already lost twice to McIntyre, wouldn’t that triple threat be better than a third match between McIntyre and Orton? Besides, Lee was booked as a formidable main eventer in NXT. There is no need for him to be booked any differently on the main roster.

Prediction: Keith Lee

WWE, Mustafa Ali
WWE, Mustafa Ali Credit: WWE.com /

4.) Mustafa Ali vs. Shelton Benjamin [Grudge Match]

On last week’s WWE Raw, Mustafa Ali, Apollo Crews, and Ricochet defeated Hurt Business once Mustafa Ali pinned MVP for the victory. This was a key sign that Ali will be built up as the next contender for Lashley’s United States Championship. Before Ali battles Lashley, he needs to build up his momentum by defeating the remaining member of the Hurt Business: Shelton Benjamin.

Speaking of unpardonable booking decisions and trajectories, Ali has also been wasted on the main roster to an excessive degree. This superstar’s promos and in-ring abilities are insurmountable. Every time he shows up on Raw or SmackDown, he proves why he is the light and future of this business.

Also, his orations during Raw Talk about systemic racism, police brutality, the vices of the criminal justice system, and the morals behind the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States further prove why he would be a fitting United States Champion. The WWE needs someone like him to represent that championship, especially now more than ever.

Prediction: Mustafa Ali