WWE Raw: Seth Rollins got exactly what he deserved

WWE, Seth Rollins (Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images)
WWE, Seth Rollins (Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images) /

Murphy finally found his courage in dealing with Seth Rollins on WWE Raw.

The friction between Murphy and Seth Rollins on WWE Raw began at Payback when Murphy accidentally cost them a tag team match against Rey and Dominik Mysterio. Things got even worse when Murphy attempted to help Rollins in a steel cage match against Dominik, but Rollins didn’t take too kindly to the assistance despite winning.

Rollins pitting the Mysterio Family against each other led to more friction. And on the Oct. 5 episode of WWE Raw, Rollins demanded an apology from Murphy for basically being insubordinate to the Monday Night Messiah as the Disciple.

Murphy was given a deadline to apologize. And thankfully, he finally stood up to the Monday Night Messiah instead of apologizing for doing nothing wrong.

He brawled with Rollins, even taking out a kendo stick to beat Seth with it.

Seth Rollins vs. Murphy should still be a big feud on WWE Raw or SmackDown

Seth apologized, begging off Murphy. Of course, it was a ruse, as he only did that to get Murphy to stop so that he could then deliver blows to Murphy. It wouldn’t have ended well for the former Disciple, but Aalyah, Rey Mysterio’s daughter who befriended Murphy, came into the ring to save Murphy. The rest of the Mysterio Family followed, and Murphy was left alone coughing in the ring.

We’ve been waiting for Rollins vs. Murphy to officially began as a feud on WWE Raw, and it looks like we’ve finally gotten to that point before the WWE Draft. Hopefully, we don’t get them split up, because a series of matches between Rollins and Murphy wold be awesome. They could steal the show at almost any Pay Per View.

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Best of all, it was great to see some real movement in this storyline and to see Murphy stand up for himself. He was a great heel on 205 Live as the Cruiserweight Champion, but it will be fun to see him as a babyface in a feud against a wrestler the caliber of Seth Rollins.