WWE: Kevin Owens’ Twitter presence provides a reason to stay invested

WWE, Kevin Owens (Photo by Dennis Jerome Acosta/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)
WWE, Kevin Owens (Photo by Dennis Jerome Acosta/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images) /

WWE superstar Kevin Owens’ wholesome Twitter account is a reason to stay.

Long before Kevin Owens was piling up a treasure-trove of A+Twitter content, Owens made his impact on the scene of independent wrestling, followed by quick splashes in his time with WWE.

Now, Owens’ simplistic and good-natured approach to the social media platform makes for some of the most genuine feel-good interactions one may see when drudging through a Twitter timeline. His tweets are just as much a reason for spreading smiles or ugly laughs as anything he does in the ring or on WWE television.

Ever since KO went full-fledged face again in the midst of last summer, a move that left him in an entertaining, albeit long feud taking on Seth Rollins and his disciples, Owens has been a beacon of positive light, no matter how simple the post.

In the midst of his new storyline with The Fiend, which produced one of Bray Wyatt’s better in-ring matches spanning the course of his current character, KO is still finding ways to make light-hearted Kayfabe jokes at his own expense.

Kevin Owens’ Twitter account is always good for a smile

Between tweeting about his family, his cats, support of fellow competitors, and cheeky comments about others, chances are on any day a Kevin Owens tweet has a better chance of producing a smile than any other WWE social media user.

With a bubbly, genuine personality that he can switch off to throw no-holds-barred jabs at Twitter trolls (and those who work with the company, NSFW language here), Owens is one of the people who makes logging into the hellscape that is wrestling Twitter pleasant from time to time.

He shares heartfelt and cheerful moments with fans, offering encouragement. He also gets serious when he feels he has to, and it always comes straight from the heart.

A must-follow for anyone who consumes the WWE television product with regularity, especially so for KO and Sami Zayn fans, @MithGifs often breaks down believable booking scenarios based on storylines, in-ring action, and often even more-telling outside the ring interactions.  Owens also retweets the account with some frequency, given how frequently the account details the battles of Kevin (Steen) and some guy named El Generico.

Of course, KO’s Twitter presence was just as strong when he was being an all-around shmuck, memorably taking potshots at other wrestlers, rude fans, and more.

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As the fallout and repercussions (or in some cases, little repercussions whatsoever), continues from the #SpeakingOut movement in professional wrestling, it’s nice to be reminded of the genuineness of people like Kevin Owens, and their continued presence in the public eye.