WWE SmackDown: 3 dream feuds for Bianca Belair

WWE, Bianca Belair Credit: WWE.com
WWE, Bianca Belair Credit: WWE.com /

Bianca Belair joined WWE SmackDown during this year’s draft as a top 10 pick on Night 1, and she is going to be an absolute star on Friday nights.

The best pick of the 2020 draft? Bianca Belair, hands down. Go leave an angry comment if you’d like, but it’s true. Belair is going to be the company’s biggest breakout star on WWE SmackDown over the next year and will probably win her first title before the next draft.

Here are three dream feuds for the EST now that she’s on Friday nights.


Bayley and Bianca Belair have already been trading shots on social media, and you know WWE fans are ready for this feud to happen one day.

Sasha Banks and Bayley are currently embroiled in one of WWE’s great feuds, and they will write their next chapter at Hell in a Cell. Whenever that feud ends, both women will be ready for a feud with Belair.

I’d be really excited for Bayley to put over Belair. Yes, I think if both women had a non-title feud in early 2021, Bianca would absolutely win the big match at the end of it and be vaulted to stardom immediately.

A babyface Bianca going up against this heel Bayley would lead to promos and segments for the ages. Trust me on that.

Sasha Banks

And how about Sasha Banks? Bianca and Sasha could have an all-time great feud for the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship. Could you imagine the EST beating the Boss for her first title win at, say, SummerSlam next year?

I’m not sure how to book this rivalry, but I know both of their characters would mesh well. Even if Sasha vs. Bianca only ends up being a one-off open challenge match for the title or something like that, it would be an absolute joy to watch both of them go at it in the ring. They are two of the most talented wrestlers in WWE, especially from a story-telling vantage point.

Sasha is the experienced, technical grappler, while Bianca is the former track star who can shoulder-press anyone. The matches write themselves.

Liv Morgan

I know that Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott are currently in a tag team, but I’d love to see a singles match between Liv Morgan and Bianca Belair. Liv is one of WWE’s best sellers, no doubt. She is as tough as they come and will do anything to make her opponents look good.

So a couple of matches between Morgan and Belair would have a chance to showcase the absolute best in the strengths of both competitors. Bianca would absolutely win this rivalry, but the point here is about two rising stars having a series of high-quality matches against each other that gets both women over big-time.

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Bianca and Liv can be two of WWE’s big stars over the next decade, and I bet a match between them would open the eyes of many fans to this fact. Of course, that’s if most fans haven’t already been clued-in to how great both women are in the ring.