Seth Rollins has a great idea for his nickname on WWE SmackDown

WWE, Seth Rollins (Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images)
WWE, Seth Rollins (Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images) /

Seth Rollins made his way to WWE SmackDown in this year’s draft, meaning the Monday Night Messiah needs a new nickname.

It’s been wonderful to watch Seth Rollins excel in his new character, as he really started to click with the new heel gimmick in the spring before WrestleMania 36. Now, he’s taking his preaching to WWE SmackDown, where a number of dream feuds, including one with Daniel Bryan, await him.

But now that he’s on Friday nights, he can’t go by the Monday Night Messiah moniker anymore. Friday Night Friar? Would that work?

No, Seth already has a new nickname idea in mind, which he revealed on WWE’s The Bump.

Per, Seth Rollins came up with “The SmackDown Savior” as a new nickname idea, but he also knows that the fans are the ones who eventually latch onto a nickname.

Seth Rollins is now the ‘Savior’ of WWE SmackDown

The SmackDown Savior sounds good to me. Like with the Monday Night Messiah, there’s a little bit of alliteration, and it certainly carries the same theme as his nickname on the Red Brand.

Rollins is still apparently in a rivalry with the Mysterio Family, and he still owes Murphy a great match to finish up their feud. After that, Bryan vs. Rollins could make a lot of sense, but it’s hard to speculate Seth’s future in the build to WrestleMania 37 with a baby on the way.

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Since the fans turned on him late last year and Rollins became a villain after being changed by the Fiend, he’s putting together some of the absolute best work of his career. Rollins was an awesome babyface, no doubt, but he’s able to express himself in an entirely different way as a heel, helping a lot of up-and-coming babyfaces in the process.

So it will be exciting to see what the SmackDown Savior has in store for us each Friday night.