Impact Wrestling: Three Bold Predictions For Bound For Glory 2020

Impact Wrestling, Jordynne Grace Courtesy: Impact Wrestling
Impact Wrestling, Jordynne Grace Courtesy: Impact Wrestling /
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Matt Cardona debuts in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match

Bound For Glory is set to be a truly exciting night of professional wrestling. One such way that they could immediately make an impact on the landscape of pro wrestling would be to bring in the former WWE and AEW Superstar, Matt Cardona.

Cardona recently separated from the Jacksonville based All Elite Wrestling after completing a short term contract. He has not reappeared for either AEW or WWE since his five-appearance agreement concluded early last month. But where would Cardona fit on the card? The Call Your Shot Gauntlet match is a Royal Rumble style match where 14 different competitors will try to outlast their competition for the opportunity to challenge for a title of their choosing. 13 of those 14 competitors have been named.

Among those 13 named competitors are former WWE Tag Team Champions, Rhino, and Heath Slater. As well as former Tag Team Champion and one half of the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast, Cardona’s main vehicle at this time, Brian Myers. Myers, Cardona, and Slater were all a part of the WWE’s massive layoffs earlier this year.

Myers very quickly rocked up in Impact Wrestling following his release while Slater and Cardona have taken different routes to be there. Slater has forced his way into the company by simply hanging around and becoming involved in the general goings-on of the promotion.

Where this debut could get interesting is in the dynamic between the two reunited teams. Heath and Rhino have a lot riding on the match, because if either of them is to win the contest then Heath will be offered a full-time contract.

However, if neither of them is to win the match Heath will never be offered a contract in Impact Wrestling. So you could either have Cardona join with Myers, Rhino, and Slater to ensure that he gets a contract. Or he could follow Myers lead and turn heel on the team eliminating them both and leaving Slater with nowhere to go and no real prospects.

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No matter what happens the evening promises to be, at the very least, one of the most memorable Pay Per View offerings from the company in ages.