WWE Hell in a Cell: 3 reasons why Sasha Banks needs to win

WWE, Sasha Banks (Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images)
WWE, Sasha Banks (Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images) /
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Sasha Banks winning at WWE Hell in a Cell would be a feel-good moment

Despite being a heel, for the majority of the year, Sasha Banks has done a brilliant job of garnering sympathy from the WWE Universe – since Bayley turned on her.

“The Blueprint” has played the role of sympathetic babyface well – from wearing a neck brace during interviews to almost crying during the supposed contract signing on SmackDown a few days ago, she is more popular now than at any other point in her career.

The fact that Banks did everything to keep the women’s titles in her grasps, plus she sacrificed herself to help Bayley retain her own title, made her more likeable – fans felt her pain when she was betrayed. People are invested in this feud, which is a testament to the brilliant work both of these women have done.

All of these factors should lead to a moment of glory for Banks, who has been the victim in all of this, despite Bayley saying she turned on her before her former comrade had the chance to strike first.

This match should main event Hell in a Cell – Banks lifting the SmackDown Women’s Championship would be the perfect way for the show to go off the air, she deserves her moment of redemption. WWE claim they want to “put smiles on people’s faces” – it would be a great visual to see the ThunderDome screen full of happy Banks fans as she takes her place on top of SmackDown’s women’s division.